4 irrefutable clues for passing any physics exam.

This is the era of examinations, the petrifying time of the year when students stop and reflect on whether they will pass physics exams! Having studied and interviewed candidates preparing for physics exams by different examination bodies, I’ve found students’ predicaments and also a few universal ways of handling them. As one of these candidates and you wish to improve your marks in physics exams,here under-listed are the clues that will help even in other subjects:

1. *Solve problems most of the times* :As we all know,most physics exams contain vast problems solving, therefore you need to be rapid and efficient in solving problem and these can be obtained if you have devoted yourself to practicing questions. Remember, practice they say, makes perfection.

2. *Try to recognize where a question had been set* : Knowing the particular topic a question had been set from helps to atleast know the clue to answering such question.Example:

Find the time it will take a radioactive material with half-life of 80s to reduce to 1/32 of its original number.The first thing you should know is that the question is set under Radioactivity.Knowing this will boost your chance of getting your full mark in such question.

3. *Master the units mostly used in calculations* : Dimensional analysis is one of the easiest and yet a powerful tools for answering apparently difficult questions.

Mastering dimension helps you to answer a difficult question without even knowing the formula to solve such problem.

Are u amazed? Don’t be! Take for instance: The electric field intensity in a place where a charge of 10^-10C experiences a force of 0.4N is A.8*10^9N/C B.4*10^9N/C C.4*10^-11N/C D.8*10^-12N/C, you can solve this by looking at the units of the options, N/C or NC^-1 in which N represents Newton a unit of force and C, Coloumb a unit of charge.Knowing that C^-1 means 1/C,you can correctly come up with the formula the Electric field intensity=F/Q.

4. *Make sure that you have rested your brain* : Many students are attuned to staying up the night before the exam day cramming.

This is odd because the extra information you cram in will be more than offset by the sluggish pace you answer the questions due to being over tired.

Rest your brain with the help night’s sleep and also make sure you have good frame of mind in the exam day.

You can get this by listening to cool and refreshing music,praying and doing whatever helps you become rest-minded.
I wish you the best of luck!

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