5 Tips to study for NECO SSCE, WAEC & GCE Exam


Are you writing NECO, SSCE or GCE exam this year? If yes, read the 5 Tips to study for NECO SSCE & GCE Exam . Many candidates have complained bitterly about the examinations conducted and coordinated by the National Examinations Council.

Their complaints stemmed from the fact that WASSCE is easily passed than the NECO examinations. But that seems to not be true because most candidates tend to apply their WAEC strategies to an examination conducted by a different body. Below are the simple but effective measures that would ensure that NECO examination candidates emerge victorious.

1. Study with the approved syllabus for WAEC NECO examinations: Whatever kind of reading you are going to do, let the NECO syllabus be your guide.

2. Get NECO Past Questions: Past questions are a very vital guideline. They present to the candidate questions that have been rendered in the previous years.

Studying these past questions broadens the knowledge of the candidate as regards the scope of questions set.

After reading you are advised to attempt these past questions. Diligent and consistent study with past questions will put you ahead.

Download WAEC Past Questions in PDF

3. Discover your reading pattern: Different strokes for different folks. Many people have been deceived into believing that reading at night ensures success in an examination.

This is outrightly false. Albeit, reading at night is a good thing if you are inclined to reading at night and it works for you.

All you need do is discover your reading style and pattern. For some, anything they read in the early hours of the morning, they will never forget. For some, they cannot read without music.

All you need do is discover your reading pattern, build upon it and you are on your way to emerging in flying colours.

4. Refer to your past notes: This is where all the notes you have been taking since your SSS1 becomes very useful. Notes are a simplified rendering of recommended texts. While reading the various topics, let your notes come in handy.

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Buy NECO recommended texts: You should buy the recommended texts. Texts go a long way in giving you details not contained in your notes. They should come in handy during reading.

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