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Post UTME screening Exercise 2012/2013



Read each passage and carefully answer the question that follows

Passage 1

You all know how friendly we are with Okperi. Do you think that Umuaro man who goes to prison there will come back alive? But that part, do you forget that this is the moon for planting? Do you wants to grow this year’s crops in the prison house in a land where your fathers owe a cow? I speak as your elder brother, I have     traveled in Olu and I have traveled in Igbo, and I can tell you that there is no escape from the white man. He has come, where suffering knocks at your door and you say there is no seat left for him, he tells you not worry because he has brought the legs, I saw with my own eyes what the white man did to Abame.


Then I knew there was no escape. As daylight chases away darkness, so will the white man drive away all our customs. I know that as I say it now it passes by our ears but it will happen. The white man has power which comes from God and it burns like fire. This is the God about whom we preach about every eight day.


Unachukwu’s opponents were now shouting that this was a meeting of an age group that they had not assembled to join with him in chewing the seeds of foolishness which they called their new religion.


We talking about the white man’s road; said voids above the others. Yes we are talking about the white man’s road. But when the roof and walls of a house fall in, the ceiling is not left standing, the white man, the new religion, the soldiers, the new road they are all part of the same thing. The white man has a gun, a matchet, a bow and carries fire in his mouth. He does not fight with one weapon alone.


  1. The dominant subject of this passage is the: A. White man’s road B. New religion C. White’s man influence            D. White’s man weapon
  2. According to the passage, the people of Umuaro and Okperi   A.are friends   B.     are only acquaintances   C.are no friends   D.   can never be enemies
  3. There is no escape from the white man in the passage means that:   A   white man will send the people prison     B. White man can kill all the people with his gun C.   People are only trying to run away from the white man     D.   People must accept the white man
  4. Passes by your ears’ in the passage means   A.   Piercing through your ears   B. Listening eagerly   C. Making no impression   D. accepting as truth
  5. Unachukwu’s speech in this passage shows that he   A. is a coward   B. Wants his people to suffer   C. loves the white man D. is wise with experience


Passage ii

Manager: Mr. Mbu, not describe you as an inefficient worker; I therefore find it difficult to understand why the conference room is so untidy, inspite of the fact that I reminded you of the meeting scheduled to take place there this afternoon.


Secretary: Sir, I did instruct the cleaner to tidy up the place before the meeting scheduled to take place there this afternoon.


Manager: Sir, I do see what else I could have done, short of doing the job myself. The cleaner is a six-footer and I could not have intimated him physically.

Manager: I see, I wait your formal complain against the cleaner, but I shall not forget that you allowed a board meeting to take place in an untidy place in an untidy conference room.


  1. The relationship between the manager and his secretary, as revealed in the passage, could be said to be A. strained B. Charged C. personal D. cordial
  2. I would not describe you as an inefficient worker….. suggests that the manager A. is quite pleased with the level of diligence of his secretary B. Has had cause in the past to complain against his secretary C. is dissatisfied with the level of performance of his secretary D. is non-committal over the efficiency of his secretary.
  3. It would appear that the manager feels that the secretary ……….

A. should have, if possible personally cleaned the conference room. B. should have ensured that someone else cleaned the conference room C. should have ensured that the cleaner did his job D. is a coward.

  1. The secretary’s attitude seems to be ….. A. manager Sir, you employed this huge and recalcitrant cleaner and I am not going to do his job for him B. it is not the duty of a secretary to enforce the instructions he gives to his junior worker. C. I am a secretary by profession,   not cleaner   D. it is not terrible important how tidy the conference room is for themselves.
  2. The last comment by the manager suggests that he….. A. is going to hold the secretary responsible for what has happened   B. Is likely to reprimand both the secretary and the cleaner for dereliction duty C. will punish the cleaner but warm   the secretary D. will warm the cleaner but punish the secretary


Passage iii

Primitive man was probably more concerned with fire as a source of warmth and as a means of cooking food than as a source of light. Before the discovered less laborious ways of making fire, he had to preserve it and when he went on a journey he carried a firebrand with him


His discovery that the firebrand, from which the tough may well have developed, could be used for illumination was probable incidental to the primary purpose of preserving a frame


Lamps, too, probable developed by accident. Early man may have has his first concept of lamp while watching a twig or fiber burning in the molten fat dropped from roasting carcass

All he had to do was to fashion a vessel to contain fat and float read in it. Such lamps, which were made of hollowed stones or identical form up to quite recent times.


  1. According to the passage, the torch probable developed from a …… A. firebrands B. twig C. Lamp D. Fire
  2. Primitive man was least concerned with fire as a …….. A. means of cooking B. source of warmth C. sources of light D. means of traveling
  3. One way early man made   a lamp was putting a lighted reed in a A. hollowed stone B. sea shell C. vessel D. means of traveling.
  4. Primitive man preserved fire because ……… A. he used it for illumination during his travels B. his method of making fire wad laborious C. he wanted to discover how to make a lamp D. he wanted to develop the torch


In question 15-40, choose the word(s) or phrase which best fills the gaps                                        

  1. I was ……. Hearing distances of the speaker A. on B. at C. within D. in
  2. Peter was such a skillful boxer that he was not afraid to take …. Anybody A. to B. upon C. on D. in
  3. Owing to the constant harassment of the populace by armed robbers, all night guard have been moving things A. at sight B. by sight C. in sight D. off sight
  4. My wife and I were to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary last Sunday, unfortunately on that …….. Day, my father in-law died mysteriously A. fruitless B. faithful C. futile D. fateful
  5. The first graduation ceremony of the university was attended by men from all ……. Of life A. works B. areas C. walks D. parts
  6. …….. guests enjoyed Joy’s birthday party A. the whole B. all the C. every D. those every …..


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