BUK Modifies Its 2nd Semetser Academic Calendar 2014/2015

Latest schoolnews reaching us has it that the University Senate at its 334th meeting held on Wednesday, 30th September, 2015 modifies its 2nd semester academic calendar.

The academic session calendar of activities approved are as follows:

1. 7th September – 12th December, 2015 2nd Semester Lectures (13 weeks)

2. 25th October – 1st November, 2015 Mid-Semester Break (1 week)

3. 7th – 23rd December, 2015 2nd Semester Examinations

4. 24th December, 2015 – 14th February, 2016 Between Session Break (7 weeks)

5. 15th February, 2016 Commencement of 2015/2016 Session

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