15 Effective Study Habits that will boost your Exam Preparation Skills

A friend of mine, Dr. Abiodun once said that he can pass any exam on earth. I asked him, why did you say that? He replied… “I have an effective study habit.”

Abiodun is a Nigerian medical graduate from a Ukrainian University and he shared his 15 effective study habits.

You too can use these study habit to boost your exam preparation skills. You will definitely love this.

Take a look below.

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Yesteday we published: 10 Best Exam Tips from the Examsguru Himself. Today we have something great for you.

Here are the 15 Effective study habits…

  1. Take responsibility for yourself.
    Responsibility is the recognition that you are determined to succeed. You must make decisions about your priorities, your time, and resources.
  2. 1. Organize your study time

    It is important not to leave to study when you feel you have the time. Organize a study routine and stick to it. It may seem difficult to incorporate routine studies on class schedule and tasks assigned to you, but you can not leave it to chance as ever you devote to it. Constant sessions will help you better distribute your activities and get prepared for the exams and quizzes.

  3. Spend more time to study the most difficult subjects

    Most students have fear for some courses. Rather than leaving it to the last minute, start reading from the start and take the time to study it. This will help you to have security and peace of mind and can enjoy studying other subjects you enjoy.

  4. Get Help from a fellow student

    While studying with a friend can be fun, it’s best to choose someone who is serious about studying and responsibility to study with someone else. If a classmate can share notes, ask questions from you and even have someone explain anything you do not understand.

  5. Study every day

    While you probably want to have a day off, if you are reading everyday, you will have a greater chance of acquiring the habit. If you read the material every day, it will help you remember more easily and improve your performance in class.

  6. Reward your effort

    The rewards are a healthy way to encourage study habits. When you reach your goals buy yourself an ice cream or something you enjoy. You can also opt for small rewards between different subjects like listening to a song or eat a snack.

  7. Avoid distractions

    Many are proud to be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, but the study is not the time for it. Turn off the TV and keeping mobile and any device that can distract you. Consider going to the library to study because if you’re only tempt you while in the library everyone will be studying and temptations will be much lower.

  8. Get a tutor to help you study

    If you can not encourage sustainable habits study considers a mentor. It is not only useful to study each subject dream but also provide new ways to study or help you improve your concentration . Overall tutors place ads on bulletin boards or message boards.

  9. Focus around your values ​​and principles
    Do not let friends and acquaintances dictate what you want to read at any time. Although you may have role model, do well for yourself to follow your laid down values.
  10. Put first things first.
    Now follow the priorities in order of importance. Make sure you do not let others, or other interests, distract you from your goals.
  11. Discover key moments and places to productivity
    Morning, afternoon, evening; determine a study spaces where you can be more focused and more productive. Prioritize these for your most difficult study challenges.
  12. Consider yourself in a winning situation.
    Always see yourself as a success. Forget about what your parents, friends, or class teachers say or think about you. Simple see yourself as the best of all. These will help you to boost your confidence as well as self-esteem.
  13. Try to understand others,
    And then try to be understood. When you have a problem with a teacher, for example, a questionable score, an extension of assignment deadline, please solicit with the instructor to come in terms with you. Now ask yourself how you could better argue this situation.
  14. Find the best solutions to problems
    For example, if you do not understand the course material, not just re-read it. Try something else! Talk to the teacher, tutor, counselor, a classmate, a study group, or study skills center at your school.
  15. Look, continually challenge yourself. Look at this life and a competition. Really, that’s what life is…. So, the more you challenge yourself with hardcore situation, the more you are vested with knowledge to solve even more problems.

There you have it… 8 Effective Study Habits that will Boost your Exam Preparation Skills. Try these tips and you will be glad for yourself.

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This post was shared by a medical doctor – Abiodun. Click and share this post on social media if you enjoy it.

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