How to get more out of a good lecture class

Lecture classes give you a wealth of knowledge, but the teachers do not find enough time to give attention to all the students particularly. So it is important that you learn how to get the most out of these lecture classes. It often happens that during the lecture you will get overloaded with a lot of information; so as soon as the class is over you will have no clue about the subject taught and your mind is all jumbled up.

To be able to effectively capture all that has been taught you need to be more than just attentive in the class. Here I will provide with some tips which will help you to get the most out of a good lecture class in the future and not feel lost after the class is over:

Before the class

Class preparation is as essential as attending the class. If you prepare well for a class it will be much easier for you to understand the topic. Here are some of the ways you can prepare for a lecture class:

Go through the topic once.

Usually study materials are provided before any lecture class and it is a great habit if you can go through it once before attending the class. This will help you to get an idea about the class and also make you understand the lecture better.

Get all the essential materials ready before the class

If it is a practical class in a lab or a class where you require any equipment, it will be easy for you to learn when you have all the materials. So pack your bag the night before and check if you have all the necessary materials required for the class next day.

Make notes of any doubts

If you have any doubts regarding the topic, you should note it down; so you will have the questions ready in your hand.

During the class

The most important thing to learn effectively is to be attentive and a good listener. If you are distracted easily you will miss important points. You can check your Listening Quotient (LQ) online and if you find that you need improvement you can always go to an ASIP instructor for developing your listening skills. There are some other points that you should do to get the most out of a class:

Effective Note taking

Note taking is one of the most important elements of a lecture class. Random note taking is not going to help you. You should know what type of note taking is most effective for you. There are various note taking methods like Cornell Method, Outline Method, Chart Method, Spider-web Method, etc. You can check them out and find what the best style is for you and follow accordingly. Also, remember to translate the instructor’s words into your own language, so that it will be useful for you.

 Sit at the front row (if possible)

Research shows that students sitting at the front rows and having direct eye contact with the instructor have better capacity to understand the lecture. So it does not matter if your friends like sitting at the back benches. When it comes to learning, you should put serious effort.

Do not feel shy to ask questions

Most students back from asking questions in college for the fear of becoming the center of attraction. Lecture classes are meant to help you clarify your doubts and understand the topic or subject better. So let out those questions and clear your doubts instantly.

 Keep focused

It is not easy to remain focused for the entire lecture period. It is common to get distracted and left zoned out for a certain amount of time. So if you feel like you are getting zoned out of the lecture for a few minutes, try to refocus on the lecture.

After the class

So the lecture class is over and the instructor has left. That should not be the end to it. Take time out to review what you have learned. Find out if there are any gaps in your notes or is there any part of the lecture that you have still not clearly understood. You can meet your professors after class hours and discuss your doubts. Most professors are more than willing to help you and are open to meet students after class hours.

Ending Note

For college students, being efficient in learning is a very important thing because there are other things like extra-curricular activities (it is an important thing which will add value to your career), looking for internships (internships are a step towards your future career; so it is important you create job alerts in different career sites) and extra academic activities. Being efficient in the class will help you in saving a lot of time for these activities. If you follow tips as mentioned in the article will help you to be highly effective in the lecture classes.

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