How to Register TOEFL Exams in Nigeria

In this tutorial we will show you how to register TOEFL in Nigeria. Several people, maybe because of lack of appropriate information pay lump sum of money to so-called TOEFL agents and registrars for the purpose of TOEFL registration. If you compare the fees people pay to agents, it’s too exorbitant; the highest TOEFL registration fee for Nigeria is $160-$175 depending on location which falls below 30,000 NGN for the registration.  What about preparatory books? These are by far inexpensive compare to how vendors hyperbolize it.  TOEFL registration is entirely what you can do on your own. In fact for you to be able to pass the TOEFLE test with good grades, you have to know how to register for the test on your own because the exam itself is computer based. You have to know how to navigate around the computer window to be able to register and even write and pass TOEFL test. So why pay people to do it for you? The TOEFL test registration navigation window is self explanatory and you just need to follow the instructions given in this tutorial.

General TOEFL Website Navigation tips

Do not use your browser’s BACK button during registration

TOEFL has multiple security measures to ensure the safety of your

information, including a time limit. To expedite the registration

process, you are advised to keep the required information in place before starting the application; such as up to four recipients  (institutions) you want to receive your scores, how YOU want to receive your scores (web only or web plus a paper copy sent by mail) and complete payment information (credit card, voucher number)

During registration, do not browse any pages outside of the test registration system

Do not enter characters that contain accent marks (i.e., ă ç ñ ó ü). This is because these are not supported by the registration system. The last but not the least, do not DOUBLE-CLICK any of the buttons, especially when submitting payment to avoid being charged twice.

Now the Necessary steps on How to Register TOEFL Exams in Nigeria

The following step outlined below will guide you through the TOEFL registration process.
Step 1: Login

New users click the “Sign Up” link to create your profile. (A new user is anyone who has not created a profile in the TOEFL Internet-based test (iBT) registration system, either online or through a call service representative). You will see a new user signup being circled in figure 1. Click the signup and fill your details.

Step 2: Create a profile

Complete all of the required sections highlighted with an asterisk (*). The information you provide will be kept completely confidential. Be sure to that the spelling of your name must be exactly with one printed on identification documents, Also provide your identification information for instance your passport detail and finally create your user name and password by following the rules shown. See Fig2

The challenge questions are used for security reasons, select three challenge questions that are easy to remember but that others do not know. If you forget your user name or password, you must answer one of these challenge questions to verify your identity.

Confirm your Profile

A confirmation page will appear displaying all of the information you submitted. Be sure that the

spelling of your name exactly matches the name printed on the identification document(s) you will present at the test center. If this information does not match, you will not be permitted to test and your test fee will be forfeited. After you create your profile, you will reach “My Home Page”.

Step 3.  Log in with your user name and password and then click “Go.” If you forget your user name or password, click the assistance buttons to get your information. (You can also access the registration system directly from the TOEFL home page at this link: Log In to Your TOEFL iBT Profile)

Step 4: Access your home page

After you log in, you will reach “My Home Page” where you can:

• view your order to find the address and reporting time of the test center where you are registered to test

• register for a test

• order score report services

• view past scores and orders

• update the information in your profile

Step 5: Register for the test
Under “My Tests,” click the “Register for a Test/Order Score Reports” link. You will be redirected to registration page.

Step 6:

To register, click “TOEFL Test” and then the “Continue” button. If you want to purchase more

score reports (those in addition to the four FREE score reports you get when you register for a

test), select “TOEFL Services.”


Step 7: Read the overview page carefully.

To continue, click the “I Agree” button located at the bottom of the page under the Policy Agreement Statement.

Select a Test Center Location

Each test location represents a general area, not necessarily a specific city. For example, Berlin can mean Berlin itself, or within approximately a 50-mile radius. When searching for a test center,  consider areas beyond your city, state or province. Centers listed under a different area may be closer than you think. For example, if you are searching for a city in the New York City area, search in the Northern New Jersey area as well.

Step 11: Confirm your registration

A Reservation Summary page appears. If the information is correct, click the “Continue” button. If incorrect, click the “Cancel” button to perform another search. NOTE: Your reservation is not confirmed until you pay for the test.

Step 12: Select your score recipients Part 1

You will automatically receive a free score report for your records. Additionally, you may

designate up to four institutions to receive your score reports, free of charge. It is best to enter

your selection now; you cannot select your score recipients at the test center. Free score recipient selections or changes will be accepted no later than 10 p.m. (local test center time) the day before

your test. After that, a charge will be imposed.

Step 12: Select your score recipients

Verify your selected recipient and select, if applicable, a department. Then you can either choose to “add another recipient” or “continue” with the registration process.

Step 13: Score Reporting Preferences

Choose how you want to receive your scores and click “Continue.” Step

Step 14: Answer demographic questions

Answers to these questions are voluntary and remain anonymous. They are used for research purposes only and the information will help us better serve TOEFL test takers and score users.

Step 15: Confirm your order

Review your registration information for accuracy, and click the “Confirm Order” button. To change any information, click the “Modify” link. To cancel your registration, click the “Cancel” button.

Step 16: Make your payment

Choose your payment method and click the “Continue” button.

Confirm your payment and view your order.

Hope this tutorial help. Have any comment? Please drop it using the comment box below.

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