Jackobian Scholarship awards – Apply Here

This is to bring to your notice about a new scholarship scheme for Nigerian Students – Jackobian Scholarship awards.

It’s entirely new and yet to gain nationwide recognition which makes it an easy target for those that know about it which you happen to be as a daily reader of this blog.

I will convey to you all you need to know about the Jackobain scholarship awards in this thread and you can ask any questions you may have.


What is Jackobian Scholarship Award?

It’s a simple scholarship organized by Nigerian students for fellow Nigerian students and organized by Jackobian Students forums.

Who’s allowed to Apply?

As i mentioned above, the scholarship is for all students hence, if you are a Nigerian Student, you are eligible for this scholarship.

To explain further, Jackobian Scholarship can be contested by Students from all parts of the country and at all level of educations including Secondary, Tertiary, PG, etc. This goes to relate that the scholarship is not a normal exam that tests your knowledge. The purpose of the scholarship will be explained below.


A Registered jackobian account. Directions on how to register below.

Purpose of Jackobain Students Scholarships

It is targeted at creating an awareness and sound development of the Aspirant’s physical and mental awareness of the mechanics of Nigeria as a country which will help grow a generation that better understands the problems of our nation Nigeria and how these problems can be tackled effectively. It’s created based on the understanding that When we understand, we can develop strategies to solve them.

The test is aimed at encouraging and equipping students with what they need to have a better understanding of the our country Nigeria, It’s Economic Status, Struggles and how it relates with the Nigerian Education system which unites us all.

Hence, students who participate in the Jackobian Scholarship will emerge with better knowledge of our country and also ready to face the problems squarely.

Nature of Exam

The test has to do with Research and Article Submission[online] which will be reviewed and points awarded based on the students understanding of the test, response and approach to the test.

Exam Date

The Scholarship is a weekly one. Students emerge as winners weekly!

Competitors are allowed to Submit articles weekly based on the topics that have been chosen for the week.

Application and Submission Guidelines

The two processes goes hand in hand.

1. Once you are eligible for the award and have met the requirements, you can apply by clicking the Link below to Register


2. After Registration, Students are to get test topics for the week from this page: http://jackobian.com/forums/jackobian-awards/

How to Identify Scholarship Threads on Jackobian

(i). Simply look for the thread that has a prefix “Scholarship”

(ii)Click on it and you will see the Scholarship questions for the week.

3. Proceed to work with the topcis using the directions that are provided in the thread.

4. Upon completion, visit http://jackobian.com/forums/jackobian-awards/ [make sure you are logged in]

5. Click on Post New Thread button which is at the top right.

6. Fill in the two forms that appears in the next post and Hit Publish

Your submission will be reviewed and graded by the Scholarship Judges and when the results is released, you will be notified via Phone Call

Those are all the processes involved in applying for Jackobian Scholarship.

You are welcome to ask your questions below.

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