JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial | how to write jamb using computer

Welcome to JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial. This tutorial will help candidates  that are often overwhelmed with fear of JAMB Computer Based Test. They often ask – How will JAMB Computer Based Test will look like? Will I be able to pass? Am I computer literate? How to answer jamb cbt exam. How to use CBT for JAMB, What are the steps on how to use computer in answering jamb questions? How to pass jamb cbt test. What will be on my computer screen on getting to the jamb exam hall?  What are things to be done to pass this forthcoming jamb? How is the nature of the computer base exams in jamb? What is the nature of the system that they will use in writing jamb dis year in Nigeria? How to write cbt jamb exam, where is the jamb computer based test past questions and so on.

This is a step-by-step JAMB computer based test tutorial on for candidates that are writing JAMB computer based testing in the forthcoming Joint Admission and Matriculation Board -Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (JAMB-UTME) 2015/2016.  This guide contains the procedures of using the computer in the current cbt jamb. Study this tutorial carefully and it will go a long way to helping you prepare and tackle the JAMB Computer Based Testing

how to write jamb using computer

Look at the picture below and take note of all the labeling. This is a sample screenshot of JAMB CBT screen. Study the features very well.

basic nouse use4

The Figure above shows the hypothetical exams testing panel for JAMB Computer Based Test. A clearer look at the figure above will highlight several buttons that you the candidates will need to know and what they are meant for.

JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial Steps

1. Candidates are advised to arrive at the examination venue on time.
2. Candidates are advised to sit on a system in an upright position with examination mood
3. From the JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial Panel figure above, you will see different functional buttons and areas
(a) Subject area: where the subject taken is located
(b) The Time (duration) for the examination
(c) Remaining time for the examination. Candidates are advised to check the time lapse and time remaining to be able to complete the exams on time
(d) Instruction area: where candidates are to check the instructions pertaining the exams

JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial :Basic Mouse Use

basic nouse use


basic nouse use2

(1) Put the heel of your hand on the table in front of the mouse. Hold the mouse between thumb and the ring fingers.Put your index finger on the left mouse button. (2) Move the tip of the arrow onto the underlined two. The arrow will become a pointing finger. (3) The arrow becomes a pointing finger. Hold the mouse still and lightly click the left mouse button with your index finger.

JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial :Click on the mouse

Slide the computer mouse to the running mouse. Slide the mouse sideways.
Do not turn it..
Then, click on the running mouse.


JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial :Learning about Radio Buttons

The circles below are radio buttons. This will be use as illustrated in the exams panel above, to select the correct answer

 Button 1     Button 2     Button 3

Click on them to test it.

How Do You Choose the Correct Answers?

Most times, the questions in computer based test are in the multi-choice format. This is called multi Choice Question where you will be required to pick the correct answer(s). For instance something like this appears on your screen:

Example:  Solve for y.

if y – 2 + 3y = 10

A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3
E. 2

You select one of the best answers by:
Pressing the letter on the keyboard,
Clicking the radio button with a mouse, or Use the Tab Key to move through the options and then pressing the space-bar to select an option.
Notice that only one radio button can be “on” at same time.
To move to the next page, click on the radio button below.

After clicking on the radio button that correspond to the correct answer. Click NEXT button to go to another question until you are finished. There is options for OMIT if you want skip the question for later consideration. For JAMB UME Use of English, you will need to the Best Way to Answer Jamb Use of English Questions

Candidates are advised to practice all JAMB Past Questions to be conversant with the pattern of the questions.

The nature of JAMB CBT Exam for this year

1. JAMB CBT Duration of Exam: The duration for the 2016 CBT exams has changed, although the number of questions are the same. This means you have to work with time while Practicing JAMB Past Questions. The new time is 2hrs 45Mins. The time in previous exams used to be 3hrs 30mins. We are still not sure what inspired the decision for shortening the time but it simply means you have to now work harder.

2. CALCULATOR: For the 2016 JAMB, you will be using what is called an “ON-SCREEN Calculator”. You will no longer be using physical, hard calculator. This type of calculator is the type you activate from the computer and you simply click on the values as you see them on the screen. It’s just like the type on your mobile phone. According to reports from candidates that wrote on 27th Feb, the button for the calculator is located at the bottom right corner of the JAMB CBT Environment. Just click on it and the calculator will appear.

If you want to practice how to use an “ON-SCREEN Calculator” on a computer system. Open the calculator from your computer, follow these steps;

i. Click on the start menu at the bottom left of your screen.
ii. Find and Click on “All Programs”.
iii. Find and Click on “Accessories”
iv. Then Find and Click on “Calculator”.
v. It should be very easy to use.

If the calculator you see now, is the type you see on the exam day, you can easily switch to the “Scientific” or “Statistics” part of the calculator by clicking “View” among the top menus in the calculator.

If you will be needing a calculator, you should practice using it before the exam to save you a lot of time and errors you can avoid by calculating using paper.

3. Rough Sheet: Some candidates have complained they were not given rough sheet, while others say they were given. Either way, you have to go prepared. We suggest, you make 2 extra photo copy of your Exam Slip. I believe you will be allowed to take this into the hall and you can use that as a back-up.

4. Log-Out Issues: Some candidates complained that sometimes, the system just logs them out of the exam. Don’t Panic! Just simply log in again by using your JAMB Registration Number or call the attention of an invigilator.

5. What CBT environment is like: According to a candidate, the mode of asking questions, and navigating is similar to the picture I used to explain above.

6. Circumstances beyond your control: There are some issues that may occur, which are way beyond your control e.g. Power Shutdown, Network or Server Issues e.t.c. In this case, you have to pray that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible by the staff of the centre.

7. GUESSING Software: There is really no guessing software. If you see your time is almost running out, do the best you can to select the right guesses and ensure you select an option for every question. You might just guess right.

8. We may UPDATE this number if there is any further solution to an experience we feel we should share so please come back later and reload this page from time to time to see if we have added any new thing on this number.

If you have any point you think we missed out, post it as a comment to inform others. We will monitor this thread to see if this publication needs to be updated with your point.

Hope this helped.

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