junior waec 2017 expo questions for all subjects

Give me junior waec 2017 expo questions for all subjects. If you reading this page that means that you are looking for either result 4 junior waec 2017, junior waec mathematics expo, junior waec expo, junior waec expo 2017, junior waec exam expo, junior waec expo for 2017, junior waec expo center, or junior waec 2017 expo.

What is junior waec 2017 expo questions ?

This is junior waec leaked questions. many candidates who are lazy at their studies are looking for ways to find junior waec expo so that they will not fail. But this is a bad trend i our country.

How on earth will child of 13 years looking for expo to pass exams? What is happening to our educational system?

I think parents should advise their children to read their books. Expo is examination malpractice. We have earlier published an article on how to tackle exam malpractice in Nigeria.

When a child of this age start passing examination using expo, what will happen when they enter the university? This is one of the main reason why student fail university entrance examination.

Some of them who are lucky to get admission into the university may end up being rusticated. Just this year, Kogi State University had Expeled 68 Students For Exam Malpractice And Poor Academic Performance.

In another incidence. the  Imo State University Expelled 700 Students Over the same Exam Malpractice.

The bad side of it is that some secondary school is abating this crime. They even encourage candidates to indulge in this ugly trend.

I trust our examination bodies, because they are coming out strong with the culprits. Imagine last year WAEC made a decision to BAN 193 Schools Over Exam Malpractice. I do not know if they went through the plan to take the decision.

See, if you still belief in examination, you will not be able to pass JAMB. JAMB exam is now CBT and there is no expo at all. You better start reading before it’s too late.

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