June Riddles – Love

Happy new months to all our readers. They say “all work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. So, as you are reading for your examination,m just have fun with this and share what you love with your friends.

Dislove, Islove, Delove, Bestlove, Waylove, 2love, Saylove, Datlove, Amlove, Reallylove, Luckylove, Tolove, Havelove, Ulove, Aslove, Mylove, Friendlove. Now read it again without the word ‘love’. Cute right? Haha.

Share this message in your facebook and friend’s timeline or tweet this topic..;) it doesnt matter whether lady or guys (as a friend) If u get bck 1= u r lonely, 3= u r cute, 6= u r hot, 9= u r mst

Lol. Happy new months.


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