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National Open University Noun Courseware School of Arts and Social Sciences

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National Open University Noun Courseware School of Arts and Social Sciences

100 Level
1ARA 013Arabic Literature
2ARA 089- ISL 087Project
3ISL 001Introduction to Quran
4ISL 067Introduction to the Study of Hadith
5FRE 011Aural and Oral Expression I
6FRE 012Aural and Oral Expression
7FRE 017Francophone Civilization
8CTH 001Religion and Society
9CTH 003Introduction to the Study of Religion
10CTH 007Old Testament Survey
11CTH 011Bible Geography
12CTH 005Church History
13CTH 009Introduction to Philosophy
14CTH 013Introduction to Study of Islam
15CTH 014Marriage and Family
16CTH 034Marriage and Family
17CTH 041Christian Ethnics
18CTH 043Philosophy of Religion
19CTH 055The Prophets
20CTH 053Greek Grammar
21CTH 057Christian Counseling
22CTH 058Greek Syntax
23CTH 071Christianity in Nigeria
24ECO 121Principle of Economics
25ECO 122Principle of Economics II
26ECO 146Nigerian Economy in Perspective
27ECO 153Introduction to Quantitative Method I
28ECO 154Introduction to Quantitative methods II
29ENG 121The Structure of Modern English I
30ENG 151Introduction to English as a Second Language
31ENG 111An introduction to Literature and Literary Criticism
32ENG 122The Structure of Modern English II
33ENG 113Introduction to Nigerian Literature I
34ENG 114Introduction to Nigerian Literature II
35ENG 141Spoken English
36ENG 161Theatre Workshop
37ENG 162Elements of Drama
38ENG 172Introduction to Poetry
39ENG 181Introduction to Prose Fiction
40FRE 010Written Expression II
41FRE 014Francophone Civilization II
42FRE 022Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
43FRE 024Francophone Civilization II
44FRE 101Basic French Grammar and Composition I
45FRE 102Basic French Grammar and Composition II
46FRE 111Language Laboratory Work / Oral French
47FRE 112Oral and Aural Comprehension
48FRE 121French Grammar I
49FRE 122French Grammar II
50FRE 131Introduction to Textual Analysis
51FRE 132Introduction to Textual Analysis II
52FRE 141Introduction to Composition Writing In French
53FRE 152Introduction to french Culture and Civilization
54FRE 162Intro. to Francophone African Culture and Civilization
55GST 106Study Skills
56JLS 111Introduction to Journalism
57ISL 101General Introduction to Islam
58ISL 102The Mosque in Islam
59ISL 111Studies on the Qur’an
60ISL 121Studies on the Hadith
61ISL 113Quranic Ethics
62ISL 132Advanced Study of Salat and Zakat
63ISL 136Women in Islam
64ISL 142Islam and Inter- Religious Dialogue
65LIN 111Introduction to Linguistics I
66LIN 112Introduction to Linguistics II
67CSS 111Introduction to Sociology
68CSS 152Introduction to Nigerian Criminal Law
69CSS 121Introduction to Psychology
70CSS 131Introduction to Political Science
71CSS 112Sociology of Law
72CSS 132Ethnography of Nigeria
73CSS 133Introduction to Criminology I
74CSS 134Geography of Nigeria
75CSS 136Introduction to Criminology II
76CTH 101Introduction to The Study of Islam
77CTH 102The Major Religious Groups in Nigeria
78CTH 113Bible Geography
79CTH 122Types of Theology
80CTH 131Introduction to Philosophy
81CTH 141Church History I
82CTH 142Church History II
83CTH 192Introduction to African Traditional Religion
84CTH 173Introduction to the Study of Religion
85CTH 111Old Testament Survey
86CTH 151Religion and Society
87CTH 152Marriage and Family
88ARA 181Basic Arabic
89ARA 182Arabic Reading I
90ARA 183Arabic Conversation
91INR 111Introduction to International Studies
92INR 112Intro to inter. Law and Diplomacy in Pre-colonial Africa
93INR 121The Structure of International System
94INR 131Intro. to Textual Analysis I
95INR 132Africa and The West
96INR 142Introduction to Public Administration
97PCR 111Introduction to Peace Studies
98PCR 113Introduction to Peace Education
99PCR 112Democracy and Good Governance
100PCR 115Introduction to Conflict Resolution Processes I
101PCR 114Introduction to Conflict Resolution Processes II
102POL 106Road Safty and Highway Traffic Administration
103POL 111Element of Political Science
104POL 121Introduction to African Politics
105POL 123Introduction to Public Administration
106POL 124Organisation of Government
107POL 126Citizens and The State
108POS 102Police Community Relations and Interpersonal Relations and Awareness
109POS 105Introduction to Police Science
110POS 108Police Science and Forensic Science
111POS 110Criminal Justice Administration
112MAC 111Introduction to Mass Communication
113MAC 113History of Nigerian Mass Media
114MAC 115African Communication Systems I
115MAC 116African communication System II
116MAC 117Writing for the Mass Media I
117MAC 118Writing for Mass Media II
118MAC 121Introduction to News Writing and Reporting
119MAC 134Principles and Practice of Public relations
120MAC 142Introduction to Radio and Television
121INR 106Africa and the West
122ISL 172As-Sirah: Biography of Prophet Muhammad
200 Level
123ARA 281Arabic Literature I
124ARA 282Arabic Grammar I
125ARA 283Arabic Reading II
126ARA 284Translation (Arabic – English)
127CSS 204Introduction to Political Science
128CSS 211The Sociology Of Crime And Delinquency
129CSS 212The Sociology of Punishment and Correction
130CSS 231Methods of Social Research
131CSS 241Basic Security and Security Threat
132CSS 243Principles of Security Practice and Management
133CSS 242Measurement and Patterns of Crime and Delinquency
134CSS 244Types of Analysis of Security Threat
135CSS 245Security planning, Development and Organisation
136CSS 246Legal and Social Framework of Private Security
137CTH 202Comparative Study of Religions
138CTH 211Introduction to the Bible
139CTH 210History and Religion of Israel
140CTH 212Pentateuch
141CTH 213Synoptic Gospels
142CTH 214Paulines Epistles
143CTH 215Greek Grammar
144CTH 216Greek Syntax
145CTH 217The Prophets
146CTH 218Biblical Hermeneutics
147CTH 222Christian Doctrines
148CTH 233Philosophy of Religion
149CTH 261Christian Counseling
150CTH 231Christian Ethics
151CTH 271Christianity in Nigeria
152CTH 272Ecumenism
153ECO 203Statistics for Economics
154ECO 207Nigerian Economy In Perspective II
155ECO 231Microeconomic Theory I
156ECO 232Microeconomic Theory II
157ECO 247Nigerian Economy in Perspective II
158ECO 253Statistics for Economists
159ECO 254Statistics for Economists II
160ECO 255Mathematics for Economists I
161ECO 256Mathematics for Economists II
162ENG 211History of English Language
163ENG 212Creative Writing 1
164ENG 215Medieval Literature I
165ENG 216Medieval Literature II
166ENG 221An Introduction to Syntactic Models
167ENG 222Advanced English Syntax
168ENG 223Advanced English composition 1
169ENG 224Advanced English Composition II
170ENG 226English Morphology
171ENG 241Introduction To Phonetics and Phonology of English
172ENG 251Language and Society
173ENG 281The African Novel
174FRE 212Advanced Oral French
175FRE 207Culture and Civilization of France
176FRE 211Advanced Study in Oral and written Comprehension
177FRE 222French Grammar and Composition 11
178FRE 221French Grammar and Composition I
179FRE 231Introduction to French Phonology
180FRE 271Intro. to francophone African Literature Written in French
181FRE 282Introduction to French Literature(Prose,Poetry and Drama)
182MAC 211Theories of Mass Communication
183MAC 212Media and Society
184MAC 213Foundations of Communinication Research
185MAC 214Investigative and Interpretative Reporting
186MAC 221Editing and graphics of Communication
187MAC 223Feature And Magazine Article Writing
188MAC 225News Writing and Reporting
189MAC 232Environmental Public Relations
190MAC 242Foundation of Broadcasting
191MAC 246Educational Broadcasting
192NSS 217Introduction to Sociology 1
193INR 206Introduction to Foreign Policy
194INR 211International Law & Diplomacy in Europe in the 19th Century
195INR 221History and Practice of Diplomacy
196INR 212International Law and Diplomacy in The 20th Century
197INR 222Europe from the French Revolution to the World Wars
198INR 231South-South Cooperation
199INR 232Introduction to Foreign Policy
200INR 242Pre-Colonial African Diplomacy
201INR 251Evolution of Modern International System
202ISL 212Introduction to Tajwiid
203ISL 213Textual Study of the Qur’an
204ISL 214Textual Study of the Quran II
205ISL 241Prophethood and Prophets in Islam
206ISL 245Ilmu ‘l-kalam and Development of Muslim Firaq
207ISL 222Textual Studies of the Hadith
208ISL 231Introduction to the Shariah
209ISL 271The Rightly Guided Caliphs and the Umayyads
210ISL 272The Abbasid Caliphate
211PCR 211Education for Peace
212PCR 261Culture,Values and Conflicts in War
213PCR 271Understanding Conflict and War
214PCR 272Concepts and Practice of Peacebuilding
215PCR 274Introduction to Conflict Transformation
216PCR 276Perception and Conflict
217POL 215History of Political Thought I
218POL 216Evolution of Nigerian Local Government
219POL 223Foundation of political Economy
220POL 221Nigerian Government and Politics I
221POL 211Nigerian Legal System
222POL 212Basic Statistics for Social Science
223POL 214Introduction to Political Analysis
224POL 226Organisation and Administrative Theories
225POL 228Introduction to Comparative Politics
226POL 231Essentials of international Relations and Diplomacy
227POS 214Basic Elements of Criminal Investigation
300 Level
228ARA 381Arabic Morphorlogy
229ARA 382Arabic Grammar II
230ARA 383English – Arabic Translation
231CSS 341Policing and Law Enforcement in Nigeria
232CSS 342
Safety Management for Loss Prevention
233CSS 343Information Systems Security Management
234CSS 351Prisons and Correction of Offenders in Nigeria
235CSS 352Theory of Crime and Crime Control
236CSS 354Special Categories of Offenders
237CSS 356Traditional and Informal Mechanisms of Crime Control
238CSS 361Juvenile Institutions & Juvenile Correction in Nigeria
239CSS 371Courts and Justice Administration in Nigeria
240CSS 381Domestic Violence
241CTH 302Messianism
242CTH 311Gospel of John
243CTH 313Hebrew Grammar
244CTH 314Inter-Testamental Literature
245CTH 316Hebrew Syntax
246CTH 321God and Revelation
247CTH 323Old Testament Theology
248CTH 324New Testament Theology
249CTH 352Sociology of Religion
250ECO 314Operations Research
251ECO 324History of Economics Thought
252ECO 341Macro Economic Theory I
253ECO 342Macro Economic Theory II
254ECO 346Financial Institutions
255ECO 347Development Economics I
256FRE 301Theories of Translation
257FRE 304African Literature in French
258FRE 322Advance Studies in French Language Structure II
259FRE 331Advanced Studies in French Phonetics
260FRE 372Advanced Studies in Preindependence Francophone African
Literature Written in French (Prose and Drama)
261FRE 381Advanced Studies in French,17th Century Literature (Prose and Grammar)
262FRE 38218TH Century French Literature
263FRE 392Advanced Studies in Translation
264ENG 311Research Methods
265ENG 312Creative Writing II
266ENG 313Black Diaspora Literature
267ENG 314Public Speaking
268ENG 316Communication for Business
269ENG 321Contemporary English Usage
270ENG 331Introduction to Semantics
271ENG 341The Phonology of English
272ENG 351Introduction to Applied Linguistics
273ENG 352Discourse Analysis
274ENG 353The English Language in Nigeria
275ENG 355Introduction to Sociolinguistics
276ENG 362English Drama
277ENG 372English Poetry
278ENG 381English Novel
279NSS 312Primary Health Care Nursing II
280MAC 312Newspaper Production
281MAC 313Critical Writing and Reviewing
282MAC 314Issues in Nigerian Mass Media
283MAC 316Mass Communication & National Development
284MAC 321Economics of Mass News Reporting
285MAC 322Editorial Writing
286MAC 323Photojournalism
287MAC 331Advertising Campaign Planning & Execution
288MAC 332Advertising Layouts and Designs
289MAC 334International Public Relations
290MAC 341Dev. Journalism and Broadcasting (Dev. Communication)
291MAC 343Radio/TV Programming
292INR 312American Diplomacy in the 20th Century
293INR 321Foreign Policy Analysis
294INR 322Strategic Studies in The 20th Century
295INR 331International Law
296INR 332War and Peace in West Africa since 1960
297INR 342Southern Africa in Global Politics
298INR 351Europe in World Politics
299INR 352International Relations in East and Central Africa
300ISL 302Research Methods
301ISL 304Islamic Studies and Orientalism
302ISL 312Exegesis of the Qur’an
303ISL 313Introduction to World Religions
304ISL 330Advance Study of Sawm and Hajj
305ISL 332Al-muamalat in the Shariah
306ISL 339Islamic Family Law
307ISL 343Introduction to Islamic Theology
308ISL 355Introduction to Tasawwuf
309ISL 361Islamic Philosophy
310ISL 372Islam in Nigeria
311ISL 373Islam in North Africa and Spain
312ISL 374Islamic Political Institutions
313PCR 311Philosophies and Great Personalities of Peace
314PCR 312Peace Research Methods
315PCR 331History of Conflicts in Nigeria
316PCR 352Sustainable Environmental Development
317PCR 362Urban Violence and Security
318PCR 375Lang & Information Mgt. in peace and Conflict Resolution
319PCR 371Third Party Intervention in Conflict Resolution
320PCR 372Introduction to Early Warning Mechanism
321PCR 373Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration
322POL 301Research Methodology in Political Science
323POL 311Contemporary Political Analysis
324POL 312Logic and Methods of Political Inquiry
325POL 315Thoery and Practice of Marxism
326POL 316Political Evaluation
327POL 317Public Policy Analysis
328POL 318Political behaviour
329POL 322Comparative Federalism
330POL 324Politics of Development & Underdevelopment
331POL 337Principles of Administrative Law
332POL 341Public Administration in Nigeria
400 Level
333ARA 481Arabic Literature II
334ARA 483Arabic Rhetoric
335CSS 441Technical/Electronics Aspects of Security
336CSS 442Professioal Ethics in Law and Security Management
337CSS 432Human Rights Provision in Nigeria
338CSS 443Traffic/Road Safety and Equipment
339CSS 452Victims of Crime and Human Rights Violations
340CSS 455Forensic Science
341CSS 491Emergency,Riot & Disaster Control Management I
342CTH 412Gospel of Mathew
343CTH 413Wisdom Literature
344CTH 423Comparative Ethics in Pluralistics Societies
345CTH 422Christology
346CTH 432Applied Ethics
347CTH 441West African Church History
348CTH 471Research Methods
349CTH 472Conflict Management
350CTH 491African Traditional Religion and Culture
351ECO 431Advanced Micro-Economics
352ECO 442Advanced Macroeconomics
353ECO 448Economic Planning II
354ENG 411English for Specific Purposes
355ENG 414Speech Writing
356ENG 415Literary Theory and Criticism
357ENG 416Creative Writing III
358ENG 417Postcolonial African Literature
359ENG 421New Trends in Syntax
360ENG 423Literature of The Romantic Period
361ENG 426Twentieth Century English Literature
362ENG 432Pragmatics
363ENG 434Literary Stylistics
364ENG 453Language and National Development
365ENG 454Multilingualism
366ENG 491Psycholinguistics
367FRE 411Introduction to Research
368FRE 421Advanced Studies in French Language Structures III
369FRE 423Linguistics Applied to The Teaching Of French
370FRE 472Francophone African Literature: Pre and Post Independence Poetry
371FRE 48119th Century French Literature
372FRE 48220th Century French Literature
373INR 412Foreign Policy of the great Powers
374INR 431International Relations of Francophone West Africa
375INR 432Afro-Asian Relations
376ISL 402Modern Reform Movements
377ISL 412Tafsir: The Exergesis of Selected passages of the Quran
378ISL 415Advanced Studies on the Quran
379ISL 431Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
380ISL 432Islamic Social System
381ISL 433The Concept and Practice of Islamic Banking
382ISL 435Textual Studies of Hadith
383ISL 436Islamic law of Wasiyyah and Waqf
384ISL 437Shariah in the Modem Time
385ISL 438Al-Mirath: Islamic Law of Succession
386ISL 439Al-Hudud-Penal Law of Shariah
387ISL 451Major Sufi Orders in Africa
388ISL 471Contribution of West African Scholars to Islamic Thought
389ISL 472Islams Contributions to Civilization
390ISL 474Islam Historiography
391PRD 433Children’s Literature
392PCR 415The Nature of Global Terrorism
393PCR 417International Relations and Security
394PCR 419International Politics of the Cold War 1945 – 1991
395PCR 421Internal Organization and Peace Building
396PCR 422Globalization and Peace
397PCR 424Governance, International Law and Fundamental Human Rights
398POL 424Political Parties and Pressure Groups
399POL 431Third World Dependency and Development
400POL 441Development Administration
401POL 444Nigerian Local Government
402POL 452International Law and Organisation
403POS 411Research Methods in Criminal Justice
404MAC 411Media Law and Ethics
405MAC 412Media Management
406MAC 413Data Analysis in Communication Research
407MAC 414Science and Technology Reporting
408MAC 416Sociology of Mass Communication
409MAC 421Advance Newpaper/Magazine Production
410MAC 423Bookpublishing & The Law
411MAC 424International Advertising and Propaganda
412MAC 425Public Relations in Practice
413MAC 427Economic and Social Issues in Advertising and Public Relations
414MAC 428Integrated marketing Communications
415MAC 441Documentary Film Production
416MAC 442Advanced Broadcasting News/Programme Production
417MAC 443Media Station Management and Operations
418MAC 444Broadcast Commentry and Announcing
700 Level
419CSS 742Policing and Law Enforcement in Nigeria
420CSS 743Principle of Security practice and Management
421CSS 744Security planning, Development and Organisation
422CSS 745Types and Analysis of Security Threat
423CSS 753Research Methods in criminology
424CSS 755Patterns and Trends of Crime in Nigeria
425CSS 757Contemporary Issues in Criminology and Security Studies
426CSS 772Criminal Justice Administration
427CSS 774Prison and correction Institutions in Nigeria
428CSS 791Emergency,Riot & Disaster Control Management I
429CTH 701Biblical Hermeneutics
430CTH 702Common Themes in Christianity and Islam
431CTH 704Religious Dialogue
432CTH 713Critical introduction to the Old Testament
433CTH 714Critical Introduction to the New Testament
434CTH 715Old Testament Theology
435CTH 721Systematic theology
436CTH 722Pastoral Theology
437CTH 723Liberation and Feminist Theologies
438CTH 724New Testament Theology
439CTH 732Christian Ethics in Contemporary Nigerian Society
440CTH 742Reformation
441CTH 771Research Methods in Christian Theology
442CTH 792Theology of African Traditional Religion
443JLS 711Introduction to Journalism
444JLS 722Publication Layout and Design
445JLS 721News Reporting
446JLS 742Fundamental of Broadcasting
447JLS 732Principles and Practice of Public Relations
448JLS 712Media Law and Ethics
449JLS 713Media and Society
450JLS 714Communication Research
451JLS 716Professional Project
452JLS 724Feature Writing
453JLS 726Speech Writing
454JLS 731Corporate Communications
455JLS 732Principles and Practice of Public Relations
456PCR 711Introduction to Peace Studies
457PCR 712Democracy and Good Governance
458PCR 713Introduction to Peace Education
459PCR 714Introduction to Conflict Resolution Processes II
460PCR 715Introduction to Conflict Resolution Processes I
461PCR 716Research Methods in Conflict Resolution
462PCR 771Third Party Intervention in Conflict Resolution
463PCR 772Concepts and Practice of Peace Building
800 Level
464CTH 801Graduate Theological Writing
465CTH 803Interreligious Dialogue
466CTH 812Old Testament Theology of Pentateuch
467CTH 813Pauline Theology And Epistles
468CTH 814Biblical Criticism
469CTH 815Prophetic Books/Wisdom Literature
470CTH 817Gospels
CTH 818Hebrew Exegesis
471CTH 819Greek Exegesis
CTH 820Current Trends in Old Testament
472CTH 821African traditional Religious Mythology and Cosmology
473CTH 823Further Greek
474CTH 826Ecclesiology
475CTH 828Further Hebrew
476CTH 832New Religious Movement in Africa
477CTH 841Christianity and Colonization in Nigeria
478CTH 842Religion, Power and Politics in Contemporary Nigerian Society
479CTH 845Islam and State
480CTH 847African Church Leaders
481CTH 849The Rise and Growth of Western Christianity in Africa
482CTH 852Religion and Social Change in Africa
483CTH 859Social Theories of Religion
484CTH 878Feminist Theology
485ENG 831Lexicology and Semantics of English
486JLS 805(823)New Reporting
487JLS 812Media Law and Ethics
488JLS 813Media and Society
489JLS 814Communication Research
490JLS 815(811)Advanced Theories in Mass Communication
491JLS 822Publication Layout and Design
492JLS 824Journalism Publications
493JLS 825Editorial Writing
494JLS 826Speech Writing
495JLS 831Corporate Communications
496JLS 842Introduction to Web Publishing
497JLS 843Elements of Multimedia: Theory and Practice
498JLS 845Issues in Communication Technology and Policy
499PCR 811Theories in Conflict Management
500PCR 812The Political Economy of Peace Building
501PCR 813Peace and Security in a Global Context
502PCR 815Peace Building and Humanitarianism
503PCR 817Theories of Peace Education and Conflict
504PCR 819Human Rights and Diplomacy
505PCR 822International Law and Peace
506PCR 831African Traditional Methods of Conflict Resolution
507PCR 833Ethnic Conflict and Resolution
508PCR 851Environmental Security and Conflict Resolution
509PCR 872Research Methods in Peace and Conflict Resolution
510PCR 873Arms Control and Dimilitarisation

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