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National Open University Noun eCourseware School of Education –

1BED 111Keyboarding
2BED 113Fundamentals of Business Education
3BED 114Business Methods
4BED 112Wordprocessing
5ECE 121Childhood Development
6ECE 112Origin and Development of Early Childhood Education
7ECE 113ECE 103Introd. to Philosophy of Early Childhood Education
8ECE 123Health care in the Early Years
9ECE 110Childhood Education in Trad. African Society
10ECE 120Development of Appropriate Skills in Childhood
11ECE 112Origin and Development of ECE
12EDU 111Foundations of Education
13EDU 112Professionalism in Teaching
14EDU 114EDU 104History of Education in Nigeria
15PED 110Philosophy of Primary Education
16PED 112Reading in Early Childhood and Primary Education
17PED 121Childhood and Adolescent Psychology
18PED 122PRD 104Primary Eng. Curriculum and Methods
19PED 144Primary Maths Curriculum and Methods
20PED 150Primary Science Curriculum and Methods
21PED 130Introducation to Social Studies
22PED 120PRD 110Principles of Family Living
23SED 121General Biology for Integrated Science
24SED 122General Chemistry for Integrated Science I
25SED 123General Physics for Integrated Science
26SED 124Mathematics for Integrated Science
27VTE 115Introduction to Vocational Education
28BED 212Fundamental of Data Processing
29BED 214Computer Application in Business
30ECE 223ECE 201Plays and Learning
31ECE 221ECE 203Language and Literacy in the Early Years
32ECE 227Organisation and service provision in ECE
33ECE 225ECE207Meeting Special needs in ECE
34ECE 231Science in the Early Years
35ECE 230ECE 204Intro. to ECE Curriculum Development
36ECE 222Developing Professional Skills & Competence
37ECE 232Observation, Recording and Assessment in ECE
38EDU 204Philosophy of Education
39EDU 231EDU 201Curriculum Theory and Practice
40EDU 233General Teaching Methods
41EDU 212Sociology of Education
42PED 221Developmental Psychology
43PED 233Religious and Moral Education
44PED 271Primary School PHE Curriculum and Methods
45PED 261Primary School Social Studies Curriculum and Methods
46PED 235PRD 235Clothing and Textiles
47PED 237Measurement and Shapes
48PED 232Aesthetic Expression in Primary School
49PED 236Elementary Mathematics
50PED 230Introduction to Music in Primary School
51PED 234PRD 208Man, Energy and Resources
52PED 292Primary Education Methods
53SED 211Assessment and Evaluation in Integrated Science
54SED 214History and Philosophy of Integrated Science Education in Nigeria
55SED 221Biology for Integrated Science II
56SED 222General Chemistry for Integrated Science II
57SED 223General Physics for Integrated Science II
58SED 224Energy and Matter I
59SED 225Nigerian Integrated Science Curriculum
60SED 226Industrial Processes and Application
61EDU 214EDU 204Philosophy of Education
62EDU 256EDU 244Physics Methods
63PED 290EDU 248Early Childhood Education Methods
64EDU 220English Methods
65EDU 222French Emthods
66EDU 292Primary Education Methods
67EDU 282Business Education
68EDU 280Agricultural Science Methods
69EDU 250EDU 236Biology Methods
70EDU 252EDU 238Chemistry Methods
71EDU 254EDU 240Integrated Science Methods
72EDU 258Computer Science Methods
73EDU 240EDU 242Mathematics Methods
74EDU 268Social Studies Methods
75BED 312Org. and Admin. of Vocational Education
76BED 313Office Information Technology
78ECE 311Intro. to cultural and Creative Arts
79ECE 313Theories and Practice of ECE
80EDU 302ICT in Education
81EDU 321EDU 311Psychology of Learning
82EDU 323Basic Research Methods in Education
83EDU 332Educational Technology
84EDU 314Comparative Education
85EDU 335Teaching Practice I
86PED 312Fundamentals of Early Childhood and Primary Education
87PED 313History and Cultural Background of immediate Environment
88PED 322Methods of Teaching Reading in the Primary School
89PED 320Family Education
90PED 342Methods of Teaching Creative Art in Early Childhood and Primary Education
91PED 351Adult Basic Education
92SED 305Practicum in Science Teaching
93SED 312Earth and Universe
94SED 313Improvisation in Integrated Science
95SED 314African Cosmology and Integrated Science
96SED 315Nigerian Primary/Secondary School Science/Mathematics Curricular
97SED 321Biology for Integrated Science III
98SED 323General Physics for Integrated Science
99SED 324School Science Laboratory
100SED 327Environment and Pollution
101SED 328Energy and Matters II
SED 329Integrated Science Workshop
103BED 414Administration of Electronic Office
104BED 416Office Organisaion & Management
105ECE 412Management of ECE
106ECE 421Health and Family Life Education
107ECE 413Comparative Early Childhood Education
108ECE 422The School Environment and the Child
109ECE 410Issues in ECE and Primary Education
110EDU 421Fundamentals of Guidance and Counseling
111EDU 423EDU 403Measurement and Evaluation
112EDU 412Educational Management
113EDU 426Special Education
114EDU 435Teaching Practice II
115PED 431Cont. Assessment in Primary School
116PED 433Children Literature
117PED 421Developmental Guidance in Primary Education
118PED 412Organisation and Admin. of Primary Education
119PED 420Social Psychology of Instruction
120PED 422Behaviour Problems and the Primary School Child
121PED 410Management of Childhood Institution
122PED 430Design and Production of Learning Material for Pry Schs
123SED 412Nigerian Industries and Industrialisation
124SED 413Science Technology and Society
125SED 421Cycles in Nature
126SED 422Integrated Science Curriculum Design and Implementation
127VTE 414Vocational Guidance
128EDA 713School Plant Management
129EDA 742Application of Management Information System(MIS) IN Education
130EDU 701Psychology of Learning
131EDU 703Curriculum Development:Theory and practical
132EDU 704History of Education in Nigeria
133EDU 706Sociology of Education
134EDU 707Philosophy of Education
135EDU 711Foundations of Education
136EDU 712Professionalism in Teaching
137EDU 713Educational Management and Supervision
138EDU 716Sociology of Education
139EDU 718Philosophy of Education
140EDU 720English Methods
141EDU 721Psychology of Learning
142EDU 722French Methods
143EDU 723Basic Research in Education
144EDU 724Guidance and Counselling
145EDU 726Economics Methods
146EDU 764Geography Methods
147EDU 728Methods of Teaching Nigerian Language
148EDU 730Religion and Moral Instruction
149EDU 732Educational Technology
150EDU 733General Teaching Methods
151EDU 734Agricultural Science Methods
152EDU 735Teaching Practice Manual
153EDU 750Biology Methods
154EDU 752Chemistry Methods
155EDU 740Mathematics Method
156EDUSubject Methods II (Integrated Science)
157EDU 756Subject Methods II(Physics)
158EDU 780Agricultural Science Methods
159EDU 758Computer Science Education Methods
160EDU 726Measurement and Evaluation
161EDU 760History Methods
162EDU 766Political Science Methods
163EDU 768Social Studies Methods
164EDU 782Business Education Methods
165PED 735Children’s Literature
166ODL 701Psychology of Adult Education II
167ODL 703Sociology of Distance Education
168ODL 708Learner Support Services in Distance Education
169ODL 709Research Methods in Distance Education
170ODL 740Fundamentals of Educational Management in Distance Education
171ODL 712Curriculum Design and Development of ODL
172ODL 713Design and Development of Open and Distance Learning Media
173ODL 714Philosophy of Open and Distance Learning
174SED 713Laboratory Design and Management
175SED 734Science, Technology and Society
176EDA 803Human Behavioural and Leadership in Schools
177EDA 811EDA 801Concepts and Theories of Educational Admin and Planning
178EDA 812Practicum in Education Management
179EDA 825Managerial Psychology
180EDA 832Economics of Education
181EDA 844Educational Statistics for Educational Managers
182EDA 852Polities of Educational management
183EDA 854Legal Aspect of Educational Administration
184EDA 856Issues and Problems in Higher Education in Nigeria
185EDA 851Principle of Institutional Administration
186EDU 804Statistical Methods
187EDU 808Mathematics Curriculum and Instructions in Sec. School
188EDA 822Supervision of Instruction in Education
189EDU 818Budgeting and Financial Management in Education
190EDU 821Statistical Methods I
191EDA 821Human Resource Management in Education
192EDU 822Advanced Psychology of Learning
193EDU 823Educational Research Methods
194EDA 831Project Management in Education
195EDA 804(833)Monitory $ Evaluation in Educational Management
196MED 815Instructional tech & Methods in Schools Maths. Curriculum
197EDT 811Theories of Communication and Philophies
198EDT 812Management of Education Resource Centre
199EDT 821Instructional Task Analysis and Pyscholocial Basis
200EDT 823Research and Media
201EDT 830Multimedia Technology in Teaching and Learning
202EDT 831EDT 803Instructional Media Design and Production
203EDT 832Preparation, Utilisation and Integration Of Edu. Media In The Curri.
204EDT 834Instructional Television and Radio
205EDT 833Facilities for Media Utilisation
206EDA 842Application of Management Information system (MIS) in Edu.
207EDA 855Responsibility and Accountability in Educational Management
208EGC 801Principle of Guidance and Counselling
209EGC 802Counselling Theories
210EGC 803Developmental Psychology
211EGC 804Techniques in Counselling
212EGC 805Vocational Guidance
213EGC 806Organisation and Administration in Guidance Services
214EGC 809Psychological Testing
215EGC 811Principles of Interpersonal Relationship
216EGC 812Behaviour Modification
217EGC 813Group Dynamics and Process in Counselling
218EGC 814Practicum and Directed Field Experience
219EGC 815Sex, Family and Marital Counselling
220EGC 817Abnormal Pschology
221LIB 801Quantitative Techniques in Information Work
222LIB 802Information Resources Management
223LIB 803Research Methodology in Library and Information Science
224LIB 805Information Management in Libraries and Information Centres
225LIB 806Information Systems and Services Evaluation
226LIB 808Informations Systems Analysis and Design
227LIB 809Information Organisation
228LIB 810Management Information System
229LIB 811Indexing and Abstracting
230LIB 812Preservation and Security of Information Systems,Resources and Services
231LIB 813Computer Information in Library Science
232LIB 814Information Services for Persons With Socio-Physical Challenges
233LIB 815Library Services for the Youths
234LIB 816Rural Information Systems and Services
235LIB 817International and Comparative Library Services
PHE 801Current Trends in Sports Management
PHE 802Organization and Administration of Physical Education
PHE 804Intramural and Extramural Programmes
PHE 805Legal Liability in Sports
PHE 806Comparative Physical Education and Sports
PHE 809Management of Sports Institution II
PHE 810Managements of Sports Institution I
PHE 811Sports and Entertainment Aspects of Tourism Resorts
PHE 812Problems of Sports Management
236SED 811SED 801Foundation of Science Education
237SED 835Laboratory Design and Management
238SED 834Science,Technology and Society.
239SED 831Curriculum Trends in Science Education
240SED 832Curriculum Development in Science Education
241EDA 911Organisational Theory in Educational Administration
242EDA 913Human Behaviour and Leadership in Schools
243EDA 915Education Finance
244EDA 916Education Laws and Regulations
245EDA 917Tropical Issues in Educational Administration
246EDA 918Administration of Schools
247EDA 919Comparative Studies in Higher Education Systems
248EDT 931Information and Communication Technology in Education
249EDT 935Contemporary Issues in Educational Technology
250EDT 933Conceptualisation of Instructional Strategies
251EDP 911Analytical Approach of Education Planning
252EDP 913Statistical Analysis and Qualification in Planning and Implementation
253EDP 914Evaluation Strategies in Educational Planning and Implementation
254EDP 916Manpower Aproaches in Educational Planning
255EDP 917
Implementation of Educational Policy
256EDP 915Communication Strategies in Education
257EDU 921Advanced Educational Research Methods
258EDU 922Advanced Educational Statistics
259EDU 924Data Processing
260EDU 931Advanced Curriculum Theory
261EGC 901Theories of Personality
262EGC 902Outreach Counselling
263EGC 903Sex and Family Counselling
264SED 931Advanced Current Trends in Science Education

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