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National Open University Noun eCourseware School of Health Sciences –

1PHS 201Anatomy
2PHS 202Nutrition in Health and Deases
3PHS 203Introduction to Public Health
4PHS 204Introduction to Sociology
5PHS 210Introduction to Biostatistics
6PHS 212Health Management I
7PHS 214Health Conuseling
8PHS 217General Microbiology
9NSS 201Foundations of Nursing
10NSS 203General and Cellular Pathology for Nurses
11NSC 207Medical Biochemistry
12NSS 211Anatomy for Nurses
13NSS 213Human Physiology for Nurses I
14NSS 214Human Physiology for Nurses II
15NSS 222Practicum and Clinical Attachment I
16NSS 241Introduction to Biostatistics
17DNT 306Dental Prosthetics
18DNT 310Dental Laboratory Procedures I
19EHS 315International Health Services
20EHS 319Introduction to Demography
21PHS 301Health Management in Information System
22PHS 302Organisation of School Health Programme
23PHS 303Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Techniques
24PHS 308Health Management I & II
25PHS 311Child Health
26PHS 312Oral Healthcare
27PHS 313Health Management II
28PHS 314Primary Ear Nose and Throat Care
29PHS 315Non Communicable diseases
30PHS 316Primary Eye Care
31PHS 317Immunology and Immunization
32PHS 318Principles of Epidemiology
33PHS 320Professional Ethics for Community Health
34PHS 322Community Mobilization and Participation
35PHS 324Introduction to Standing Orders
NSS 301Nature of Nursing
36NSS 302Nutrition in Health and Diseases
37NSS 305Epidemiology in Nursing
38NSS 306Environmental Health
39NSS 311Primary Health Care Nursing I
40NSS 312Primary Health Care Nursing II
41NSS 316Concise Behavioural Sciences for Nursing
42NSS 320Nursing Ethics and Jurisprudence
43NSS 321Medical Surgical Nursing I
44NSS 323Maternal and Child Health Nursing I
45NSS 324Maternal and Child Health Nursing II
46NSS 325Clinical Pharmacology and Chemotherapy
47NSS 327Community Health Nursing
48DNT 404Metallic Prosthodontics I
49DNT 410Orthodontic Technology I
50DNT 411Dental Prosthetics and Technology
51EHS 409Sewage and Waste Water Treatement
52PHS 401Community Reproductive and Adolescent Health
53PHS 402Introduction to Public Health Laws
54PHS 403Accident and Emergency
55PHS 404Occupational Health and Safety
56PHS 409Clinical Skills I
57PHS 413Occupational Health and Safety
58PHS 421Research for Community Health
59PHS 422Clinical Skills I & II
60PHS 424Primary Emergency Obstetrics Care
61PHS 426Essential Drugs and Public Health Pharmacology
62PHS 428Introduction and Use of Standing Order
63NSS 401Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing I
64NSS 402Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing II
65NSS 403Medical Surgical Nursing II
66NSS 404Medical Surgical Nursing III
67NSS 407Research Methods in Nursing
68NSS 409Medical Sociology
69NSS 410Management in Nursing
70NSS 411Educational and Curriculum Design
71NSS 412Health Economics
72NSS 413Practicum and clinical Attachment Manual II
73DNT 509Professional Ethics and Jurisprudence
74PHS 501Introduction to HIV/AIDS
75PHS 505Community Mental Health
76PHS 507Outreach and Mobile Health Services
77PHS 509Geriatrics, Gerontology and Care of Persons with Disabilities
78PHS 511Applied Epidemiology (Communicable & Non-Communicable Diseases)
79PHS 524Health Education and Promotion
80EHS 505Environmental Health Ethics
81EHS 506Environmental Health Laws, Regulations and Policies
82NSS 504Medical Surgical Nursing IV
83NSS 505Medical Surgical Nursing (Critical Care I)
84NSS 507Seminar in Nursing
85NSS 508Occupational Health
86NSS 509Gerontological Nursing
87NSS 511Gerontological Nursing
88NSS 513Ophthalmology Nursing

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