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National Open University Noun eCourseware School of Management Sciences –

1BFN 102Introduction to Finance
2BFN 104Elements of Banking
3BHM 105Principles & Practice of Management II
4BHM 107General Accounting II
5MKT 108Introduction to Marketing
6ENT 121Principles and Practice of Insurance
7HCM 101Introduction to Hospital Management
8HPM 131Introduction to Hospitality Management
9HCM 133Agricultural,Nutrition and Health
10HCM 134Food and Nutrition
11HPM 136Introduction to Food and Beverage Services II
12HPM 141Understanding Tourism
13HPM 142Tourism as an Industry
14HPM 145Geography of Tourism
15HPM 147Tourism Policy and Planning
16COP 111Introduction to Co-operatives
17COP 112General agriculture II
18COP 113Introduction to General Agriculture 1
19COP 114Co-operative Principles
20TSM 143Tourism Service and Operations
21MKT 108Introduction to marketing
22SMS 101Business Maths I
23SMS 102Business Mathematics II
24SMS 103Introduction to Economics
25SMS 105Elements of Management I
26SMS 106Elements of Management II
27ACC 201Principles of Taxation
28ACC 210Auditing
29BFN 201Economic Theory (Micro)
30BFN 202Macroeconomics
31BHM 200Business Economics
32BHM 202Introduction to Business
33BHM 205Business Finance I
34BHM 206Principles of Marketing
35COP 211Cooperative Economics I
36COP 212Cooperative Extension
37COP 213Cooperative Economics II
38COP 215Agricultural Cooperatives
39COP 216Nigerian International Cooperation
40ENT 201Micro Credit Policies and Institutions
41ENT 205Consumer Behaviour
42ENT 206Principles and Practice of Business Plan
43ENT 209Bank Lending and Administration I
44ENT 210Bank Lending and Administration II
45ENT 214Small Business Finance
46ENT 216Project Appraisal and Evaluation
47ENT 221Entrepreneurship Development
48ENT 222Financial Accounting
49ENT 224Business Ethics
50ENT 225Small Business Finance
51ENT 251Introduction to Social Psychology
52HPM 231Introduction to Food and Beverage Production I
53HCM 232Menu Development and Planning
54HPM 234Facility Maintanance Management
55HCM 235Food Beverage and Costs
56HCM 236Beverage Management
57HCM 237Hospitality Sales and Marketing
58HPM 238Introduction to Food and Beverage
59HPM 239Menu Planning and Catering Services
60HPM 243Tourism Sites: Product and Operation I
62MGS 207Introduction to Development Economics
63MKT 201Element of Marketing
64MKT 204Marketing in practice I
65MKT 206Retail Management
66MKT 208Practice of Marketing
67PAD 202Introduction to Public Administration
68PAD 205Introduction to Public budgeting
69PAD 207Introduction to Public Finance
70PAD 209Introduction to Public Finance
71SMS 201Business Statistics I
72SMS 202Business Statistic II
73SMS 203Introduction to Financial Accounting
74SMS 204Introduction to Financial Accounting II
75SMS 205Introduction to Business
76SMS 206Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
77SMS 207Business Communication
78SMS 208Computer Apreciation for Managers
79SMS 209Introduction to Finance
80SMS 210Entrepreneurship Studies I
81SMS 211Economic Theory
82HPM 244Tourist Sites:Products and Operation II
83TSM 242Product and Operation II
84TSM 241Understanding Tourists and Hosts
85TSM 247Tourism Sites Products and Operation III
86ACC 301Information and Communication Technology I
87ACC 305Cost Accounting
88ACC 307Commercial Law
89ACC 310Element of Public Sector Accounting
90ACC 311Intermediate Financial Accounting 1
91ACC 312Intermediate Financial Accounting II
92ACC 313Management Accounting
93ACC 316Analysis of Financial Statement
94ACC 318Advanced Taxation
95ACC 320Economics and Business Environment
96BFN 301Practice of Banking
97BFN 302Monetary Theory and Policy
98BFN 303Financial Management
99BFN 304Financial Systems
100BFN 305Banking Laws and Regulations
101BFN 306Comparative Banking
102BFN 308Banking Method and Processes
103BHM 302Business Finance II
104BHM 305Small Business Management
105BUS 307Business Law
106COP 311Principles and Practice of Cooperatives
107COP 312Cooperative Legislation
108COP 315Cooperative Law
109COP 317Producers Cooperative Management
110COP 318Cooperative Education and Extension
111ENT 313Corporate Planning
112ENT 319International Market
113ENT 318Finance of International Trade
114ENT 326Agro-Business Management
115ENT 321Quantitative Methods for Business Decision
116ENT 322Principles and Practice of International Trade
117ENT 323Entrepreneurial Development and Small Business Mgt
118ENT 324Principles of Purchasing and Supply
119ENT 325Human Resources Management Principles
120ENT 328Estate Management
121ENT 329Strategic Management
122ENT 330Business Forecasting
123ENT 331Investment Management Analysis I
124ENT 332Investment Management Analysis II
125ENT 351Introduction to Social Psychology
126HPM 303Food Service and Professionals
127HPM 304Food and Beverage Production IV
128HCM 310Industrial Attachment
129HPM 313Restaurant Entrepreneurship
130HPM 333Food and Beverage Services III
131HCM 334Financial Accounting
132HPM 339Food Beverege Production III
133HPM 340Hospitality Laws and Travels
134HCM 341Insurance & Risk Management
135HPM 342Current Issues in Food Safety and Sanitation
136HCM 343Procurement & Supply Management
137HCM 345Wine and Food Pairing Principles
138HPM 347Commercial Recreation Management
139HPM 348Hospitality and Tourism Management
140HPM 349Introduction to Airline Management
141MGS 303Managerial Economics
MGS 304Rural Development
142MKT 302Marketing of Financial Services
143MKT 304Marketing in Practice II
144MKT 305Agricultural Marketing
145MKT 306Distribution and Sales Management
146PAD 301Inter Governmental Relations
147PAD 302Traditional Administrative system in Nigeria
148PAD 306Ecology of Public Adminiatration
149PAD 308Nigerian Government and Politics
150PAD 312Management of Public Service
151PAD 313Theory and Practice of Public Administration
152SMS 303Entreprenuership Studies II
153SMS 304Research Methodology
154SMS 305Elements of Government
155TSM 303Concept,Design and Feasibility
156TSM 341Financial Accounting and Management for Hospitality and Tourism
157TSM 342Concept, Design and Flexibility I
158ACC 405Corporate Finance
159ACC 426International Accounting System
160ACC 411Advance Audit and Assurance
161ACC 415Financial Management
162ACC 418Public Sector Accounting and Finance
163ACC 419Advance Financial Accounting
164BFN 401International Finance
165BFN 402Marketing of Financial Services
166BFN 403Capital Market and Portfolio Theory
167BFN 405Bank Lending and Loan Administration
168BFN 407Investment Banking
169BFN 409Project Evaluation
170BUS 451Comparative Management
171COP 411Consumer Cooperative
172COP 412Cooperative Marketing
173COP 413Cooperative field Administration and Planning
174COP 414Cooperative Auditing
175COP 415Seminar in Cooperative Management I
176COP 416Cooperative Accounting
177COP 418Seminar in Cooperative Management II
178HPM 403Cultural Tourism
179HCM 412Seminar in Hospitality Managment
180HPM 431Advanced Food and Beverage Production
181HPM 432Hospital Information System
182HCM 433Management and Organisational Behaviour
183HPM 434Lodging Facility Management
184HCM 435Security and Loss Prevention Management
185HPM 436Internal Control in Hospital Administration
186HPM 437Advanced Food and Beverage Service
187HPM 438Hospitality Supervision and Quality Management
188HPM 439Hotel Planning and Interior Design
189HPM 441Strategic Management in Hospitality & Tourism
190HPM 442Tourism Entrepreneurship
191HPM 444Global Tourism Issues
192BHM 401Principles and Practice of Management
193BHM 402Practice of Marketing Management
194BHM 417Taxation
195BUS 401Management Information System
196BUS 406Analysis for Business Decisions
197BUS 427Business Policy and Strategy 1
198BUS 428Business Policy and Strategy II
199ENT 407Entrepreneurial Development
200ENT 412Seminar in Small Business Management
201ENT 415Analysis of Financial Statements
202ENT 417Production Management I
203ENT 419International Business I
204ENT 420Production Management II
205ENT 421Risk Management
206ENT 424Feasibility Study and Business Proposals
207ENT 425Managament Accounting
208ENT 426Investment Analysis
209ENT 428Business Policy
210ENT 430International Business II
211ENT 431Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility
212ENT 432International Accounting System
213MGS 403Community Development
214MKT 401Marketing Management
215MKT 402Electronic Marketing
216MKT 403Marketing Research
217MKT 430Marketing of Non-profit Organisation
218PAD 401Public Financial Management
219PAD 402Social and Welfare Administration in Nigeria
220PAD 403Democartic Studies
221PAD 404Comparative Public Administration
222PAD 405Policy Making and Analysis
223PAD 406Public Enterprise Management
224PAD 407Advance Thoeries of local Government
225PAD 408Introduction to Administrative Practices and Process
226PAD 409Conduct of Government Business
227PAD 410Nigerian Administration System
228PAD 411Health Administration in Nigeria
229PAD 412State and Economy
PAD 413Principles of Personnel Management
231AEM 724Macro Economics
232BHM 710Business Statistics
233BHM 711Basic Mathematics and Statistics for Managers
234BHM 712Management Theory
235MGS 724Public Enterprise Management
236MGS 707Local Government Administration
237MGS 710Public Policy Analysis
238MGS 712Administrative Theory
239MGS 713Capital Investments and Financial Decisions
240MGS 714Principles of Management
241MGS 715Principles of Finance
242BHM 717Price Theory I
243MGS 718Principles of Macro Economics
244MGS 719Principle of Micro Economics
245MGS 720Human Resource Management
246BHM 721General Agricultural I
247MGS 721Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
248MGS 722Business Statistics
249BHM 724Financial Accounting
250BHM 725Introduction to Business
251MGS 726Global Economic Environment
252MGS 727Organisational Behaviour
253MGS 728Quantitative Techniques for Financial Decisions
254MGS 729Business Mathematics
255MGS 730Fundamentals of Marketing
MGS 731Research Methodology
256MGS 732Business Finance
257BHM 733E-Business Security
258BHM 735E-Finance and Banking
259MGS 735Elements of Business Administration
260BHM 736E-Records Management
261BHM 736Introductory Accounting
262MGS 737Micro and Small Business Financing
263BHM 739Strategic Management
264MGS 740Regulations of Financial Institutions
265BHM 742Principles of Money and Banking
266BHM 745Working Capital Management
267BHM 746Management oF Financial Services
268MGS 742Development Theory and Administration
269MGS 743Administrative Law
270MGS 744Research Methods for Decision Making
271MGS 747Introduction to Public Administration
272MGS 748Financial Institutions and Market
273BHM 749Introduction to Public Services
274BHM 750Labour Relations
275BHM 754Price Theory II (Macroeconomics )
276BHM 754Man power Planning and Administration
277BHM 755Human Resources Planning
278MGS 756Project Analysis and Implementation
279MGS 757Principles of Accounting
280BHM 758Introduction to Public Services
281MGS 761Nigerian Economy
282BHM 764Rural Development
283BHM 766Rural Community and Development
284BHM 767Comparative Local Government
285BHM 768Policy implementation & Evaluation
286BHM 770Local Government Administration and Revenue Generation
287MGS 771Public Personnel Administration
288BHM 775Nigerian Government and Politics
289BHM 776Public Administration and Governance
290BHM 777Operation and Quality Management
291MGS 779Public Financial Management
292BHM 780Management Accounting
293BHM 781Corporate Social Responsibilities and Governance
294MGS 783Comparative Public Administration
295ENT 722Project Finance and Budgeting
296MBA 703Financial Marketing
297MBA 722Advance Organisation Behaviour
298MBA 723Information Technology Management
299MBA 726Cooperate Management Strategy
300MBA 731Business Ethics and Cooperate Governance
301MBA 735Fundamentals of Electronic Learning
302MBA 736Employment and Labour Law
303MBA 738Strategic Management
304MBA 754Fraud Detection and Electronic Banking
305MBA 754Fraud Detection Electronic Banking
306MBA 767Risk and Quality Management
307MBA 768Interpersonal and Team Dynamics
308MBA 774Data Management Application
309MBA 777Organisational Design and Development
310MBA 780Creative,Innovation and Management
311MBA 791Organizational Leadership and Change
312MBE 704Internet Marketing
313MBE 705Fundamental of E-Commerce /Strategy
314MBE 722International Business
315MBF 711Financial Management I
316MBF 716Bank Credit Analysis
317MBF 720Financial Management II
319MBF 720Project Finance and Budgeting
320MBF 722Risk Management
321MBF 723Financial and Investment Analysis
322MBF 731Monetary Economics and Policy
324MPA 709Interpersonal/Inter group Relation
325MPA 717The Role of Board and Its Trustee /Total Quality Management
326MPA 720Administration of Public Enterprise and Extra Govt Agencies
327MPA 728Public Financial management
328MPA 736Rural Development and Management
329MPA 740Theories and Practice of Public Administration
330MPA 751Introduction to Public Administration
331MPA 752Budgeting and Public Finance Management
332MPA 753International Administration
333MPA 754Public Service Provision
334MPA 769Rural Development and Management
335MPA 773Hospital Management
336MPA 774Planing Health Facilities Mgt. Dev. Process
337MPA 775Legal Structure in Hospitals
338MPA 775The Roles the Board and its Trustees/Total Quality Mgt
339MPA 776Hospital Information System
340MPA 777HealthCare Strategic Planning & Marketing Management
341MPA 778The Shifting System in the Hospital/Multiple Hospital System
342MPA 779Conflict Resolution Strategies
343BHM 844Research Methods for Business Decisions
344BHM 879Public Financial Management
345BUS 800Quantitative Analysis
346BUS 801Production and Operation Management
347BUS 802Economic Theory
348BUS 804Structure and Strategy
349BUS 805Corporate Finance
351BUS 808Economy and Industrial Analysis
BUS 809Human Resources Management
352BUS 810Comparative Management
353BUS 811Diversity and Conflict Management
355BUS 815Management Information System
356BUS 818Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
357BUS 825Research Design and Methodology
359BUS 831Organizational Behaviour and Theory
BUS 835International Business Management
360BUS 838Strategic Management
BUS 839Management Theory
BUS 847Global Economic Environment
BUS 887Seminar in M.Sc Business Administration
BUS 893Entrepreneurship
364BUS 898Business Policy
365GST 807The Good Study Guide
366ENT 822Project Finanance & Budgeting
367ENT 831Marketing Ethics
368MBA 805Corporate Finance
369MPA 809Interpersonal/Inter group Relations
370PAD 810Public Policy Analysis
371MPA 823Project Management
372MPA 828Public Financial Management
373MPA 841Nigerian Government and Politics
374MPA 842Policy Analysis And Implementation
375PAD 844Public Administrative Law
376MPA 851Introduction to Public Administration
377PAD 853International Adminisration
378MPA 854Public Service Provision
379MPA 855Decentralisation and Intergovernmental relations in Nigeria
380PAD 868Comparative Public Administration
381PAD 870Local Government Administration
382MPA 871Public Personnel Management
383MPA 873Hospital Management
384MPA 874Planning Health Facilities & Management Development Process
385MBA 801Production and Operations Management
386MBA 803Macro Economics
387MBA 804Business and Company Law
388MBA 805Management Accounting
389MBA 806Human Resources Management
390MBA 812Introduction to Accounting
391MBA 814Introduction to General Management
392MBA 815Management Information System
393MBA 816Quantitative Methods for Management
394MBA 817Environment of Business
395MBA 818Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
396MBA 820Corporate Strategy
397MBA 821Personnel Staff Evaluation
398MBA 822Information and Telecommunication Technology
399MBA 823Organisational Design
400MBA 824Managerial Economics
401MBA 825Research Design & Methodology for Business Decisions
402MBA 827Advanced Organizational Behaviour
403MBA 829Organisational Change and Development
404MBA 831Organisational Behaviour Theory
405MBA 833Industrial Relations
408MBA 837Seminar in Organisation Behaviour
409MBA 839Human Resources Information System
MBA 853Decision Support System
410MBA 883Small Business Management
411MBA 835Managerial Problem Solving
412MBA 841Management Planning and Control System
MBA 843International Banking
MBA 851Project Evaluation
MBA 859Database Management Application System
MBA 881Business Policy
414MBA 888Graduate Seminar in Business Administration
415MBA 889Basic French
416MBA 891Organisational Leadership and Change
417MBA 896Entrepreneurship
419MBE 817Web Application Development
420MBF 833Money and Banking
421MBF 839Quantitative techniques for Bnking & Finance
422MBF 841Emerging Technologies in Information Technology
MBF 843Capital Investment and Financial Decisions
MBF 845Computer Networks and Internet
424MBF 848Advanced Evaluation Method
425MGT 811Diversity & Conflict Management
426MKT 823Fundamental of Marketing
427MKT 824Consumer Behaviour
428MKT 825International Marketing
429MKT 826Marketing Management
430MKT 827Product Planning and Development
431MKT 829Pricing Policies
432MKT 830Salesmanship
433MKT 833Advertising Management
434MKT 837Marketing Research
435MKT 859Industrial Marketing
436PAD 807Development Theory and Administration
437PAD 812Inter-government Relation
438PAD 813Quantitative Methods for Public Administration
439PAD 831Advance Comparative Local Government
440PAD 831Organisation Behaviour and Theory
441PAD 843E-Governance in the Public Sector
442PAD 855Performance Measurement and Management
443PAD 856Urban and Regional Planning
444PAD 858Development Planning, Project Preparation and Implementation
445PAD 874Advance Thoery of Local Government
446PSM 800Conduct of Government Business
447PSM 801Management in Organisation
448PSM 802Reforms of the Public Service
449PAD 803Ecology of Public Administration
450PSM 804Operations of the Legislature
451PSM 805Economic Development in Nigeria
452PSM 807Management of Public Services
453PSM 809Principal of Personnel Management
454PSM 813Personnel Management in Government
455PSM 815Industrial Relations in Nigeria
456PSM 817Planning and Decision Making
457PSM 823Statistics and Operations Research
458PSM 825Finanacial Management in Government
459PSM 829Budgeting and Budgetary Procedure
460PSM 831Materials Management

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