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National Open University Noun eCourseware – School of Science and Technology –

1BIO 102 oldBiology of Animal
2BIO 102General Biology II
3BIO 191General Biology practical I
4BIO 192General Biology Practical II
5BIO 101General Biology I
6BIO 122Plant Diversity
7CIT 101Computers in Society
8CIT 102Software Application Skills
9CIT 104Introduction to Computers
10CIT 132Programming in Basic
11CIT 141Information Storage and Retrieval I
12CIT 143Introduction to Data Organisation and Management
13CHM 101Introductory Inorganic Chemistry
14CHM 102Introductory to Organic Chemistry
15CHM 103Introduction to Physical Chemistry I
16CHM 111Introductory Inorganic Chemistry
17CHM 191Introduction Practical Chemistry I
18CHM 192Introductory Practical Chemistry II
19ESM 102The Nigerian Environment
20ESM 104Intro. to Environmental Science
21ESM 106Environmental Resource Management
22ESM 112Introductory Ecology
23FMT 111Fundamentals of Financial Reporting
24MTH 101Elementary Mathematics I
25MTH 102Elementary Mathematics II
26MTH 133Trigonometry
27MTH 121Linear Algebra
28MTH 112Differential Calculus
29MTH 122Integral Calculus
30MTH 131Elementary set Theory
31MTH 142Vector and Geometry
32PHY 001Access Physics
33PHY 111Elementary Mechanics
34PHY 113Heat and Properties of Matter
35PHY 124Geometric and Wave Optics
36PHY 130Laboratory Organization and Management
37PHY 131Hazards in Laboratory and Laboratory Safety
38PHY 132Electricity,Magnetism and Modern Physics
39PHY 133Laboratory Exercise Manual
40PHY 140Basic Apparatus in Physics II
41PHY 141Basic ExperimentS in Physics
42PHY 191Introductory Practical Physics I
43PHY 192Introductory Practical Physics II
44BIO 201Genetics 1
45BIO 203General Physiology I
46BIO 204Biological Techniques
47BIO 205Introductory Developmental Cell Biology
48BIO 206Biostatistics for Biology and Agricultural Sciences
49BIO 207Lower Invertebrates
50BIO 208Seedless Plant
51BIO 209Chordates
52BIO 210Seed Plant
53BIO 211Coelomate Invertebrates
54BIO 212Helminthology
55BIO 213Chemistry of Amino Acids and Proteins
56BIO 214Structure and Function of Major Cell Components
57BIO 215General Biochemistry Laboratory I
58BIO 216Chemistry of Carbohydrates, Lipids and Nucleic Acid
59BIO 217General Microbiology
60BIO 218General Biochemistry Laboratory II
61BIO 220Fisheries and Wildlife
62BIO 221Biology of Lower Animals 1
63BIO 231Biology of Cytology,genetics and Physiology
64CHM 201Introduction to Physical Chemistry II
65CHM 203Organic Chemistry II
66CHM 202Analytical Chemistry 1
67CHM 204Structure and Bonding
68CHM 205Inorganic Chemistry
69CHM 221Elements of Group 4, 5 and 7
70CHM 291Practical Chemistry III – Inorganic
71CHM 292Practical Chemistry IV – Physical & Organic
72CIT 208Information Systems
73CIT 211Introduction to Operating systems
74CIT 212Systems Analysis and Design
75CIT 213Elementary Data Processing
76CIT 215Introduction to Programming Languages
77CIT 236Analog and Digital Electronics
78CIT 237Programming and Algorithms
79CIT 292Computer Laboratory I
80CIT 246Introduction to Computer Organisation
81DAM 205Data Collection Methodology
82DAM 207Indexing and Classification Theory
83DAM 212Database Laboratory
84EHS 204Introduction to Environmental Health Services
85EHS 205Introduction to Environmental Health
86EHS 212Pollution Control
87EHS 216Urban Planning Management
88ESM 204Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management
89ESM 206Community Participation in Environmental Management
90ESM 211Global Environmental Issues
91ESM 212Tropical Climatology
92ESM 221Eco tourism
93ESM 222Water Resources Evaluation
94ESM 231Introductory to Toxicology
95ESM 234Soil Resources
96ESM 236Environmental Microbiology
97ESM 238Air Photo Interpretation, Environmental Hazards and Disaster
98ESM 291Map Analysis
99ESM 292Introduction to Environmental Economics
100FMT 204Introduction to Mathematical Economics
101FMT 206Introduction to Mathematical Softwares
102FMT 215Quantitative Analysis In Finance
103FRM 211Forestry and Wildlife Management
104INR 212International Law and Diplomacy in the 20th Century
105MTH 204Basic Mathematics for Nurses
106MTH 210Introduction to Complex Analysis
107MTH 282Mathematical Methods II
108MTH 213Numerical Analysis I
109MTH 211Set Theory and Abstract Algebra
110MTH 212Linear Algebra
111MTH 232Elementary Differential Equation
112MTH 241Introduction to Real Analysis
113MTH 251Mechanics I
114MTH 281Mathematical Methods I
115MTH 282Mathematical Methods IV
116PHS 216Human Physiology
117PHY 201Classical Mechanics I
118PHY 202Modern Physics I
119PHY 203Oscillation and waves
120PHY 204Electromagnetism
121PHY 206Network Analysis and Devices
122PHY 207Thermodynamics
123PHY 209Optics I
124PHY 220Physics Laboratory I
125PHY 261Geophysics I
126STT 211Probability Distribution I
127BIO 301Genetic II
128BIO 304General Ecology
129BIO 303General Cytology
130BIO 305Molecular Biology
131BIO 306General Physiology II
132BIO 307Evolution
133BIO 308Biogeography
134BIO 309Plant Breeding
135BIO 310Protozoology
136BIO 311Mycology
137BIO 313Animal Ecology
138BIO 314Animal Behavior
139BIO 316Introduction to Bioinfomatics
140BIO 318Immunology and Immunochemistry
141BIO 320Microbial Ecology
142CHM 301Physical Chemistry III
143CHM 302Polymer Chemistry I
144CHM 303Inorganic Chemistry III
145CHM 304Colour Chemistry and Technology
146CHM 305Organic Chemistry III
147CHM 306Instrumental Method Analysis
148CHM 307Atomic and Molecular Structures and Symmetry
149CHM 309Organic Spectroscopy
150CHM 311Petroleum Chemistry
151CHM 312Industrial Chemical Processes I
152CHM 314Environmental Chemistry
153CHM 315Carbohydrate Chemistry
154CHM 316Industrial Chemical Technology I
155CHM 318Natural Products Chemistry I
156CHM 391Practical Chemistry V
157CSP 312Basic Soil Science
158COP 317Producers Cooperative Management
159ESM 301Introduction to Conflict Resolution
160ESM 304Research Methods and Field Trips in Environmental Science
161ESM 303Environmental Law and Policies
162ESM 306Environmental Politics
163ESM 308Rural Development Strategies
164ESM 311Noise and Air Pollution
165ESM 317Land and Water Pollution
166ESM 322Water and WasteWater Management
167ESM 324Urban Environmental Management
168ESM 328Bio-diversity Conservation
169ESM 341Introduction to Instrumentation,measurement and Field…..
170ESM 342Environmental Impact Assessment and Environment Auditing
171ESM 343Climate Change and the Environment
172ESM 345Applied Climatology
173ESM 392Remote Sensing and Radiation Principles
174CIT 371Introduction to Computer Graphics and Animations
175CIT 303Principles of Communication Technology
176CIT 305Networking and Communication Technology
177CIT 309Computer Architecture
178CIT 311Computer Networks
179CIT 313Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
180CIT 333Software Engineering I
181CIT 322Introduction to Internet Programming
182CIT 341Data Structures
183CIT 342Formal Languages and Automata Theory
184CIT 344Introduction to Computer Design
185CIT 351C# Programming
186CIT 353Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
187CIT 364Management Information Systems
188CIT 381File Processing and management
189CIT 383Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
190CIT 392Computer Laboratory II
191DAM 301Data Mining and Data Warehousing
192DAM 344Semantic Data Modelling
193DAM 361Business Communication and Networks
194DAM 363Economic Statistics
195DAM 382Information Systems Management
196EHS 302Ecological Sanitation
197EHS 304Hydrology and Sanitation
198EHS 306Sanitary Inspection of Premises
199EHS 308Biotechnology
200EHS 312Housing and Building Construction
201EHS 315International Port Health Services
202EHS 316Environmental Health Services in Emergency Situations
203EHS 317Solid Waste Management
204EHS 319Introduction to Demography
205EHS 322Biometreology
206MCB 317Immunology and Immunisation
207MTH 301Functional Analysis I
208MTH 302Elementary Differential Equation II
209MTH 303Vectors and Tensors
210MTH 304Complex Analysis
211MTH 305Complex Analysis II
212MTH 307Numerical Analysis II
213MTH 308Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
214MTH 309Optimization Theory
215MTH 311Calculus of several Variables
216MTH 312Groups and Rings
217MTH 315Analytical Dynamics I
218MTH 341Real Analysis
219MTH 381Mathematical Method III
220MTH 382Mathematical Methods IV
221PHY 301Classical Mechanics
222PHY 303Special Relativity
223PHY 306Optics II
224PHY 308Electronics I
225PHY 309Quantum Mechanics I
226PHY 311Kinetic Theory and Statistical Mechanics
227PHY 312Mathematical Methods of Physics
228PHY 313Mathematical Methods of Physics II
229PHY 314Numerical Computation
230PHY 307Solid State Physics I
231PHY 320Physics Laboratory II
232PHY 361Geophysics II
233PHY 364Electronic II
234STT 311Probability Distribution II
235BIO 402Cytogenetics of Plants
236BIO 403Population Genetics
237BIO 404Systematic Biology
238BIO 405Hydrobiology
239BIO 406Parasitology and Immunilogy
240BIO 407Basic Entomology
241BIO 408Soil Ecology
242BIO 410Fisheries and Aquaculture
243BIO 411Parasitology
244BIO 412Wildlife and Conservation
245BIO 413Developmental Biology
246BIO 414Applied Entomology
247BIO 415Virology and Tissue Culture
248BIO 416Industrial Microbiology
249CIT 411Micro-computers and Microprocessors
250CIT 412Modelling and Simulation
251CIT 415Introduction to e-Commerce
252CIT 425Operations Research
253CIT 427Database Systems and Management
254CIT 432Software Engineering II
255CIT 445Principles and Techniques of Compilers
256CIT 463Introduction to Multimedia Technology
257CIT 465Network Administration
258CIT 461Internet Architecture and Communications
259CIT 462Web Server Technology
260CIT 467Visual Programming and Applications
261CIT 474Introduction to Expert Systems
262CIT 478Artificial Intelligence
263CIT 484Website Design and Programming
264CHM 406Nuclear and Radio Chemistry
265CHM 407Reaction Kinetics
266CHM 408Polymer Chemistry II
267CHM 409Electrochemistry
268CHM 413Analytical Chemistry II
269CHM 414Photochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions
270CHM 415Industrial Chemical Technologies II
271CHM 416Organic Synthesis
272CHM 417Industrial Chemical Processes II
273CHM 421Heterocycyclic Chemistry
274CHM 422Natural Products Chemistry II
275CHM 423Coordination Chemistry
276DAM 401Oracle Application
277DAM 462Agricultural Data Systems
278DAM 463Health Data Management
279DAM 461Statistical Database Systems
280EHS 403Occupational Health and Safety
281EHS 405Environmental Toxicology
282EHS 409Sewage and Waste Water Treatment
283EHS 411Environmental Health Administration
284ESM 403Environmental Perception
285ESM 405Environmental Protection agencies Case Studies
286ESM 407Geographic Information Systems
287ESM 411Population, Environment and Development
288ESM 421Elements of Land Surveying
289ESM 423Hydrology and Water Resources
290ESM 424Fresh Water Ecology
291ESM 426Biogeography
292ESM 428Ecology of Natural Resources
293ESM 431Environmental Health and Safety
294ESM 444Industrial Waste and Industrial Water Treatment
295ENT 417Production Management I
296FMT 409Monetary Economics
297MTH 401General Topology I
298MTH 402General Topology II
299MTH 411Measure of Theory and Integration
300MTH 412Functional Analysis II
301MTH 417Electromagnetic Theory
302MTH 421Ordinary Differential Equations
303MTH 422Partial Differential Equations
304MTH 423Integral Equations
305PHY 402Nuclear Physics
306PHY 403Electrodynamics III
307PHY 405Electronics III
308PHY 407Solid State Physics II
309PHY 409Elementary Particle Physics
310PHY 410Optics III
311PHY 454Astrophysics
312PHY 455Lower Atmospheric Physics
313PHY 456Nuclear Reactor Physics
314PHY 457Environmental Physics
315PHY 461Geophysics III
316CIT 701Foundation of Information and Communication Technology
317CIT 703Information Technology and Software Development
318CIT 705Concept and Application of e-Business
319CIT 711Computer Fundamentals
320CIT 721Information Systems Design and Programming
321CIT 722Computer Networks
322CIT 723Operating System Design and Programming
323CIT 734Object Oriented Technology
324CIT 735Application Software Design and Multimedia
325CIT 736Computer Programming
326CIT 742Multimedia Technology
327CIT 752Operation System Concepts
328CIT 753Introduction to the Internet
329CIT 754Digital Communication
330CIT 755Wireless Communication I
331CIT 756Operations Research
332CIT 758Wireless Communication II
333CIT 759MicroComputing & www
334CIT 771Computer Graphics and Animations
335HEM 701Basics of Family Education
336HEM 702Basics of HIV/AIDS
337HEM 703Disease,Illness and Society
338HEM 704Basic Anatomy and Physiology of Human Body
339HEM 705Human Behaviour in Illness
340HEM 706Alcohol,Drug and HIV/AIDS
341HEM 707Bio statistics
342HEM 709Primary Health Care and HIV/AIDS
343HEM 710Health system management
344HEM 712Legal and Ethical Issues of HIV/ AIDS
345HEM 717Economics of HIV and AIDS
346HEM 726Clinical Diagnostic Therapeutic Services of HIV/AIDS
347HEM 731Communication and Counseling in HIV/AIDs
348HEM 742Global Initiatives on HIV/AIDS
349HEM 745Management and Care of HIV/AIDS
350CIT 802Technical Report Writing
351CIT 811User Interface Design and Ergonomics
352CIT 831Software Engineering Methodologies
353CIT 832Operation Systems Concept and Networking Management
354CIT 834Object-Oriented Programming Using C#
355CIT 835Application Software Design and Multimedia
356CIT 841Advanced Information Storage and Retrieval
357CIT 843Database Management Systems I
358CIT 844Advanced Database Management system
359CIT 851Advance Systems Analysis and Design
360CIT 852Data Communication and Networks
361CIT 853Internet Concepts and web Design
362CIT 854Network Programming and Design
363CIT 891Advanced Multimedia Technologies

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