OMG: See What This Girl Did Just To Pass Exams


How desperate!

Is this how we intend to move Nigeria forward? or make it a better place? when most of us cannot sit down to re access their goals in life and rediscover the passion that made them decide to go to school in the first place, or is it that we cannot understand that what a piece of paper says about you can not and will never define you as a person except you decide to let it.

There are different ways to be educated and the four walls of an institution can only offer you direction but will never truly take you where you want to get to in life, it is you who will decide and make the calculated steps toward achieving whatever it is that you have decided to become in life.

The time it take s to prepare shortcuts and devise means to cheat your way out of an exam will be equal if not bigger than what you will require to take a good look at what you should have known prior to the day of that exam,
this goes without saying that what you manage to learn will not only be with you throughout the exam but will stay with you for a very long time that if will even come to play as you live your life as an adult.

That is what academics was designed for, to learn and understand not read and pass exams.

But again, its only just my opinion and you are completely entitled to yours..

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