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8 study techniques to pass any exam

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Passing an exam depends on how you study, that’s why we provide you with 8 infallible techniques to pass any exam There are study techniques that their efficiency is shaken by science. Using them you will surely get closer to the possibility of passing any tests that you propose. What are you waiting for? Learn […]

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WAEC Nov/Dec GCE 2016 Time Table

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) November/December (Private) commonly called GCE exams time table is finally out and you can download it on ExamsGuru Website. This timetable covers WAEC Exams in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Lone, Gambia and Zambia. WAEC online registration of the exams is going at the time of publishing this WAEC Nov/Dec 2016 […]

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How to Prepare for Post UTME Exams

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Some students find it very difficult to prepare for exams. Some find it very stressful and time-consuming. There are a couple of things you can do ahead of time to boost your confidence and enhance your preparedness for anything the test or exams throws at you. Read these tips carefully and repeatedly. Read also How […]

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Top 10 Tips to study well for an exam

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When studying, always keep in mind a number of recommendations which we are familiar, but we never know what is the best for us. While all are important, everyone should find their own ideal way to study. Anyway, here we present a list with a selection of the best 10 recommendations to study better. Avoid […]

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JAMB CBT Last Minute Preparation Tips

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Discover the best tips to pass JAMB CBT this year, the most popular exam for candiates who intends to gain admission into higher institutions in Nigeria. We want to help to score high with these interesting tips and tricks to prepare Read the entire recommended textbooks: Just try to understand the main ideas in a […]

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8 Guidelines and tips to successfully Exam

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Do you have any exam to write soon? If yes, see the Guidelines and tips to successfully Exam. It’s like a question and answer session between a student and an examination experts. The tips are very useful if you are preparing for any exam. Just take a look below; 1. I will write my Exam […]

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10 tips to Concentrate Better when Preparing for Exam

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Many of our daily activities require a good deal of concentration , and this ability to concentrate is very important in relation to learning and memory. However, so many people especially students have this difficulties to resist distractions or maintain a good level of concentration for long time. Here are some tricks to help you […]

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English for Bank Exam : Antonyms Exercise – 3

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The following sentences consist of a word or a phrase which is written in italicised letters. Each of them is followed by four words or phrases. Select the word or the phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the italicised word or phrase. 1.    He was charged with abetting the murder of […]

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English for Bank Exam : Spotting Errors Exercise – 2

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Directions: Some of the sentences are gramatically correct and some are incorrect. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and mark that part. If there is no error, mark that part as your answer.   1. Another baffling change1/ that I notice in him now-a-days2/ is that he avoids to speak to […]

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100 Tips to Pass any Exam with flying colors

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We the Examsguru Team had an interview with Dominic O’Brien, the eight-times World Memory Champion and he revealed over 100 tips to pass any exam on earth with flying colors. So, if you have difficulty studying or just want to get more time to devote to the study, notes these simple tips. In this article […]

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10 tips to Study and Pass any Exams in Life

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Do you want to pass any exam? If yes, do not panic! Read the 10 tips to study and pass any exams in life. So many students have used these tips and they have testimonies. Perhaps your final exam is approaching, but the worst thing to do is letting your nerves control you. To avoid this, […]

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15 Effective Study Habits that will boost your Exam Preparation Skills

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A friend of mine, Dr. Abiodun once said that he can pass any exam on earth. I asked him, why did you say that? He replied… “I have an effective study habit.” Abiodun is a Nigerian medical graduate from a Ukrainian University and he shared his 15 effective study habits. You too can use these […]

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