WAEC GCE Closing Date for Second Series 2018

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The official WAEC GCE Closing Date for Second Series 2018 has been announced. According to the management of West African Examination Council, The Second series is the existing WASSCE for Private Candidates examination which is normally written between August/September of every year. Registration is currently on and the examination will be conducted between August/September, beginning […]

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WAEC GCE Registration 2017/18 | WAEC Set to Begin Registration

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WAEC GCE Registration 2017- West African Examinations Council, WAEC, has announced that the General Certificate Examination (GCE) registration for 2017 will commenced on Friday 28th April, 2017 This was made known via the official twitter handle of the Council. According to the information made available, “Candidates are expected to pay a registration fee of thirteen […]

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WAEC GCE November / December 2017 Registration is On

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The prestigious West African Examination Council (WAEC) has announced that the Nov-Dec WAEC GCE Registration Begins right away and the registration portal is open for the commencement of registration process which will last for for few weeks and will close on the June 28th, 2016. Information reaching the ExamsGuru Team is that WAEC GCE Examination will […]

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WAEC GCE Chemistry Essay Answers Live

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Chemistry Essay Answers (1a) (i) Mass concentration of B=3.95/750*1000 =5.2g/dm VA=22.70cm^3 VB=25.0cm^3 (ii) Concentration of B in mol/dm^3 =Concentration in g/dm^3/Molar mass in g/mol Molar mass of Na2CO3 =(23*2)+(12)+(16*3) =46+12+48 =106g/mol Concentration in mol/dm^3=5.27/106 =0.0497mol/dm^3 (iii) CAVA/CBVB=nA/nB (CA*22.70)/(0.0497*25)=1/1 CA=(0.0497*25*1)/22.70*1) CA=0.0548mol/dm^3 (iv) CA=concentration in g/dm/molar mass Molar mass of A=H2SO4 =(1*2)+32+(16*4) =2+32+64 =98g/mol 0.0548=concentration in g/dm^3/98 […]

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WAEC GCE Physics Essay Live Answers

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Physics essay answers (5a) Tensile stress is the ratio of load or force(F) to its cross-sectional area (A). It is measured in Nm^-2 or N/m^2. (5b) Young modulus is the ratio of tensile or compressive stress to compressive strain. It is demoted by E and measured in N/m^2 or Nm^-2(S.I unit). [9/15, 10:31 AM] Abdlhman […]

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When is GCE Registration Starting?

When is GCE registration starting? Over 12 of this website’s user asked today in the comments section. I decided to bring the information publicly so that you can be prepared to register once the registration commence. What is GCE? GCE is widely known for the external WAEC examination taken by private candidates in November / […]

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How to Register for Nov-Dec WAEC GCE 2016

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In this post, I will teach you how to Register for Nov-Dec WAEC GCE 2016 and the Registration Procedures Please note that registration of NOV/Dec GCE for 2016/2017 requires a biometric capture and a finger print scanner will be used for the initial login to WAEC registration portal. If you are online exams registrar, you […]

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