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World Health Organization Discover That Climate Changes Fuels Spread of Malaria, Kidney stones and Diarrhoea

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World Health Organization-WHO and results of emerging studies are indicating that humanity is being threatened by effects of climate change. As the leaders of 150 countries meet in Paris for a key conference on climate change, WHO has warned that diseases such as malaria and water borne diarrhoea are sensitive to global warming. In fact, […]

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Yesterday Mark WORLD AIDS DAY, WHO Decides on How to End AIDS

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LAGOS—As the world yesterday marked the 2015 World AIDS Day, World Health Organisation, WHO, has said that the only key to ending the AIDS epidemic within a generation remains the expansion of Antiretroviral Therapy, ART, to all people living with HIV. Aids: Meanwhile, a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr. Segun Olulade […]

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World Health Organization Discover that Antibiotic Resistance Can Turn Common Ailments into Killers

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Latest Nursing news reaching has it that the World Health Organization warned Monday, saying users still know too little about how antibiotics work. Antibiotic resistance happens when bugs become immune to existing drugs, allowing minor injuries and common infections to become deadly. Overuse and misuse of the drugs increases this resistance, but WHO also published […]

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WHO Report that Half of the World is at Risk of Malaria

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Latest nursing updates reaching us it that “There are 15 countries that contribute about 80 per cent of malaria rate in the world and Nigeria is top on the list, India, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda among others make up the remaining countries, about 97 countries are still affected and about half of the world […]

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