The Best Way to Answer Jamb Use of English

In this quite informing article, I will show you the best way to answer jamb Use of English. JAMB USE of English, of course as you know is compulsory subject to all candidates writing JAMB in all years. This article will answer many of your questions such as; How do I answer the lexis, structure and oral form section of JAMB? What are examples of lexis and structure and its meaning?

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General Structure of JAMB Use of English

The best way to answer jamb Use of English and get a tangible score is to master the structure of the exams before time. Jamb Use of English comprises mainly four sections, which are; (1) Passage (2) Lexis  (3) Structure (4) Oral Forms.

The best way to answer jamb Use of English is to note that the different part of this exams as listed above carries different marks though all the questions are important. Passage I to III test the candidates’ knowledge of deduction from passages.

Here each question carries 3 marks, that means if you score all, you already have 15 X 3 Marks = 45points. Passage IV is test for candidates’ knowledge of English Registers. Each question here carries 2marks. That means If you have all, you will accumulate 10 X 2 marks = 20 points in this section.

The Lexis section of JAMB Use of English test the candidates’ knowledge of reasoning in English language communication as well as vocabulary, this comprises; idioms, nearest in meaning, opposite in meaning of certain, but usually used words, in daily English communication.

Each question in this section carries 2 marks, that means the.  The Structure section of JAMB Use of English tests the candidates’ knowledge of English sentences formation, part of sentences, semantics, syntax, tenses, phrasal verbs, prepositions, and other aspects of English sentence formation.

In this each question carries 1mark each. The ending part of JAMB Use of English is the oral forms.

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Summary of Marks from JAMB Use of English

Section A. Comprehension/Summary

(a) 3 Comprehension passages (15 questions in all, 3 marks each) = 45 marks
(b) 1 cloze passage (10 questions in all, 2 marks each) = 20 marks

Section B: Lexis, Structure and Oral Forms

(a) Sentence Interpretation (10 Questions in all, 2 marks each) = 20marks
(b) Antonyms (Opposite in Meaning – 15 questions in all, 1 mark each) = 15 marks
(c) Synonyms (Same in meaning – – 15 questions in all, 1 mark each) = 15 marks
(d) Sentence completion (filling the gaps – 20 questions in all, 1 mark each) = 20 marks
(e) Oral forms (15 questions in all, 1 mark each) = 15 marks

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Total: 100 questions = 150 marks

The best way to answer jamb Use of English and have high score high is for you to follow the following steps carefully while in exams hall.
i.  read the instructions before you commence and check the duration  of the exams
ii.   identify main points in passages;
iii.  determine implied meaning of each queried word, phrase or sentences ;
iv.  identify the grammatical functions of words, phrases  and clauses and figurative /idiomatic expression; iv.  deduce or infer the writer’s opinion, mood, attitude to the subject matter
v. pay attention to details

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Hope this will help you. The Team wishes to success in your exams, see you on top! Remember to share this tips to your friends.

See you on top.

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