Ultimate Guide to Pass JAMB – How to Get High Score in JAMB – UTME

Are you witting JAMB this year? Here are the JAMB tips & tricks, secret, guidelines for passing and scoring above 300. Use this checklist and improve your preparatory skills.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is the examination regulating body responsible for admissions into all higher institutions in Nigeria. All students intending to get admissions into any higher institution in the country are expected to get a reasonable score equivalent or higher the stipulated cut off marks.

Getting high score in JAMB has been an unending problem to many students. For those who have untiring desire to get admission into universities, then getting high score is the only alternative.

Understand JAMB-UTME

The first strategy to passing JAMB, especially for first timers, is to understand JAMB Examination itself.

Number of Questions and Duration

JAMB examination comprises 100 questions for Use of English, 50 questions each for the three related JAMB subjects combination. The time required to write the examination (duration) is three and a half hour (3 ½ hours).

JAMB Subjects Combination

For instance, you want to study LAW – you subject combination will be Use of English, C.R.K/I.R.S., Literature in English and Government. Although the subject combinations can vary slightly, the most preferred and acceptable combinations for LAW are stated above.

Nature of JAMB-UTME Examination

It’s very pertinent to know the nature of JAMB examination so as to prepare ahead of time for it. According to news reaching us, from JAMB 2015 – all candidates will write their JAMB examination in the computer (Computer Based Test). So, candidates must be acquainted with the proceedings of JAMB CBT to be able to improve their success strategies.

Tips & Tricks Before the Examination

Here are helpful tips and strategies

Think High Score

Everything in this life – both success and failure – is the products of the mind. What so ever a man conceived in his heart shall come to pass. So, begin to think success, think high score and surely you’ll achieve it. Begin now to improve your self esteem ahead of your examination.

Before the actual examination, there are certain salient things you do to ensure success. Serious students always follow these strategies religiously.

Refresh your brain in Extramural classes: This strategy has proven to help a lot of students get high score in JAMB in recent times. Simply enrol on any JAMB preparatory classes learn more on your subjects.

Use JAMB Past Questions or JAMB CBT Software: As a matter of fact, there are no new questions again in today’s examination. You can get the breakthrough score by simply rehearsing the past question papers or you make use of JAMB CBT Software. Use these past questions and write your mock examination in preparation for the real one.

Don’t Read Blindly

Many JAMBites don’t even know that they should be following the guidelines given in the JAMB –UTME Syllabus. They go ahead reading blindly. Make sure you have your JAMB syllabus with you. Use only the recommended book and cover all the chapters listed there. JAMB will never take any question from heaven to set for you, rather those in the syllabus. If you witting Literature in English, make sure you read the recommended novels to be able to answer the questions that will follow. Besides this, in all other subjects, JAMB has recommended relevant books that can help you to score high.

Hard-work Works

Yes! Having known all these, try and subject yourself to hard work. It definitely works. Great men sleep less. If you want to achieve more in life, you have to try and do what great men do. In this life, success rarely happen from luck. Put your greatest energy to what you desire – high score in JAMB – and you’ll surely achieve it.

Remember no RUNS in JAMB CBT

Many students based all their hopes on examination malpractice. In the previous year, many have succeeded in cheating to get high score in JAMB and other examination. But, currently, there is no runs in JAMB CBT. So what you get and what you get.

Involve God

All things being equal, involve God in your affairs and success is sure. Do you have other tricks to passing JAMB? Kindly share in the comments below.

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